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Smartron Tphone Features That Outperform Most Expensive Smartphones


Finally, after much anticipation and speculation, the by Smartron was released this past summer according to Elgoog. So, did it live up to our expectations? In this post, we will break down the best tphone features that may make you want to spend the Rs 25,000. To find out whether this phone lives up to the hype, keep reading below.


If you have been living under a rock and have not already seen pictures of the Smartron phone on TmoNews, it is a beautiful device. Much like Apple, Smartron maintained focus on a minimalist design. It certainly paid off. The sleek, matte back cover is very modern and fashionable. The tphone changes typical phone design up a bit by offering a selection of colors – classic grey, sunset orange, metallic pink and steel blue. We absolutely love the variety of designs offered. If you want a bright, fashionable phone, Smartron finally has the perfect solution, no case required.


The Smartron tphone utilizes an Android dialer operating system, version 6.0.01. There were very minimal alterations made to the Android software in order to operate in this phone. So if you like previous android software, you are certainly not going to be disappointed with your tphone. Smartron also makes use of a Qualcomm snapdragon 810 SoC processor, which is the latest model of the infamous chip. The company has assured us that this version will not overheat, so you will not experience any problems with the software and processor of this smartphone.

Battery Life

The battery life of the tphone is something everyone can agree on: it is excellent. You can enjoy hours of messaging, browsing and taking photos without having to worry about carrying around a battery pack or charger with you everywhere you go. With a 3,00 mAh battery, you can enjoy your phone without worry. This is also, in part, thanks to the extremely useful low power mode that allows you to check the time and your notifications only when you pick up or shake the device. This way, your phone is not being unnecessarily drained by constant refreshes for notifications. The battery life on the tphone is certainly a winning area for the company.


The from Smartron also has an incredible 64GB of storage built into it, so there is absolutely no need to buy dedicated server services. 64GB is certainly more than enough storage for the average person. But if you are not the average person, you can also increase your phone’s storage capacity by purchasing a microSD card. While this level of storage capability is not unheard of, it is certainly unexpected at this price point. The memory capacity is one of its standout features.


The reason many are considering the tphone, despite the high price tag, is its free tcloud service. While there are certainly still some kinks to be worked out, which we expect will be fixed in the very near future, the availability of unlimited storage simply cannot be beat. Similar offerings cost quite a bit of money. So if you value unlimited storage, the Smartron tphone is the only way to go.


This is the one area that was severely lacking when Smartron first released the tphone. The camera lagged horribly when trying to focus or save a photo. Luckily however, the company answered the complaints almost immediately with a new version of the camera. It was not easy to find for most users, but it did indeed resolve the camera’s horrific speed issues. The tphone camera still is not your best option for low-light pictures, but it works pretty impressively in daylight. So keep your point and shoot camera for nighttime pictures, but feel free to use the tphone’s 13.0 megapixel camera during the daylight for some excellent shots on your next trip to Kings Park.


Smartron also sells tphone accessories that the average user may not be interested in at first glance. However, these Smartron accessories are specially optimized to work with the tphone. The trex power bank is perfect for users who are always on the go and are concerned about the tphone battery life. You can also buy a tphone case or shatter proof screen guards from the company. These gadgets are specially made to work best with your tphone device, and they certainly add to the mobile phone users experience.

If you were considering purchasing a Smartron tphone or micro pc, we would highly recommend it. The company has responded to any issues, like those mentioned above with the camera, very swiftly. So even if you do find fault with the product, which you probably will not if you ask us, you can rest assured that Smartron will quickly make things right. With a beautiful design, great battery life and impressive unlimited storage capabilities, you will not go wrong purchasing a tphone by Smartron.

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