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How Social Media Marketing Promotes Rental Property Business Growth

In today’s digital age, young prospective tenants value social media more and more. The more presence your property or rental group has on the web, the more credible you look and the more prospective tenants you can attract. The result is a reduction in both turnover and costs and stronger growth for your rental property business. Here are a few ways that social media marketing can help rental property owners.

Photos Make A Statement

Today’s renters want to see a lot of pictures—both of the property and of the unit they are considering. Social media websites provide you with a place to both store and showcase your photos. Plus, it’s virtually free. For example, you can create a Pinterest board of pictures from your property, an Instagram album, and of course, Facebook allows you to post pictures as well.

Communication Channels

Young people rarely speak on the phone these days and opt for a variety of text options for making connections. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer direct messaging and private messaging features that operate much like text messaging on your mobile phone. And, both platforms allow for chatbots, or programs made to respond to messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Live Video Adds Excitement

Live video is not only a useful way to showcase your properties but because it is live, it will also help build trust among your audience that you’re not using old photos and footage to lure in tenants. Plus, when you go live on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, your followers and fans will receive a notification when your feed begins to attract attention. Then, when your broadcast is finished, many of the fans and followers of your audience will see the video in their feeds, expanding your reach exponentially. Additionally, you can boost your YouTube following, gain more attention on Facebook and increase Instagram engagement with live video.

Expanded Reach Means More Prospects

Speaking of expanding your reach, every time you make a connection, you can potentially reach all of that person’s connections too. Sometimes this can be indirect: one individual becomes a fan or interacts with one of your posts, and because of that activity, their contacts will be exposed to the content. It can also be direct: an individual sees a photo or video of a property, and they think of someone who may be interested, then sharing that content directly to that person.

Research Opportunities Galore

Tap into the cutting-edge of style and trends by taking a look at what people are saying, which photos are getting likes and shares, and which home features are stirring up interest. That way, you can add small upgrades to your properties and stage units for photos and videos in a way that your audience will find appealing and inspiring. You can also use this intel when crafting your marketing strategies so you know which features to showcase to different groups of people. One of the key challenges of managing rental properties is attracting new tenants without breaking the budget. Social media is the perfect way to reach that audience, and most of it will only cost you your time.

Successful rental property businesses use social media in their internet marketing strategies. They post photos on social platforms to make a statement. The top brands also communicate with their followers and engage them with live videos. When they make connections through engagement, they increase their chances of earning more followers. Furthermore, research the latest trends to ensure that you use social channels properly. Rental property companies use social media marketing to grow their brands in these ways.

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