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Most Popular Social Media Websites With Millions Of Monthly Users

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Social media has swept the cultural landscape like a storm. Right now, a major portion of the world population uses some form of social media. At the end of the day, social media is a unique tool that connects us all on a distinctly human level – no matter what social class or creed you are. Thanks to the democratization of the world wide web, people are utilizing social media to start revolutions, learn about the world and to release news and information that wouldn’t otherwise be disseminated. If you are a college student, there is a good chance that you have an account on any one of the major social media websites that offer native mobile apps. Here are top social media websites that college students love.


Created as a way for people to voice their opinions and ideas in quick succession, Twitter has quickly become the voice of a generation. College students love Twitter for a number of reasons: it is easy to use, you can communicate with friends and peers, and it can be used as a research tool. Twitter also uses a unique system of keyword query searching, so that you can learn about a broad range of subjects. Their partnership with Periscope has also made it possible for Twitter users to host a webcast at any hour of the day. This adds a new dimension to an age-old social media.


Reddit is a social network with over 250 million monthly users. Clearly, this is one of the hottest social networks in use today. But, Reddit is a bit different from the others on this list. The platform is more of a discussion board, unlike Facebook or Instagram. Users post in discussion groups called subreddits. Then, other uses can upvote or downvote their content and comment on their thread. Reddit is not one of the most popular social media apps. However, it is certainly one of the most popular social media platforms for desktop and laptop users.


This social network was actually started as a platform for college students to connect. In the beginning, just a few colleges, like University of Florida, used Facebook, but now the social media juggernaut has grown to become the preeminent social media platform for people all over the world. There are literally hundreds of millions of people checking their Facebook newsfeed and many of those people are college students. This social media site allows you to connect with friends, share photos and stories. Many college students credit Facebook with the reason why they do better in school and why they are more confident.


One of the consistently growing social media websites, Google+ was created by the search engine giant for all internet users. You might already be part of this website even though you might not know it. The website was started back in 2011 and has been growing ever since. However, the company’s virtual reality endeavors have been much more successful. Google+ has continued to evolve as a major platform for human interaction, collaboration and sharing. Surely, you will love the engagement this social site has to offer.


This is a unique social media site that predominantly features photographs. Basically, you can search certain keywords and when you find a photograph that is “pinteresting,” you can click the “pin” button and it will be featured on your profile. Not only can you pin your own images that you find interesting online, but you can also find and share your friends’ images as well. Pinterest is great for college students that need a visual reference board.


Some may not consider YouTube a social networking platform, but they would be wrong. YouTube is the most popular video-based social media platform. Anyone that has access to the internet has surely used YouTube at least once in their life. You can view funny viral videos, watch video reviews of things like car accessories or makeup, comment on videos, subscribe to user channels, create your own viral videos and share them all from the same space. YouTube is one of the most popular social media websites out there that many do not even recognize as a social media platform.


Using the old formula of a web log, or “blog” as it is most commonly known, and combining it with a social media aspect, Tumblr allows college students to find study references and to connect with other students. If you are in the fashion or design field, Tumblr can also be used as a way to show off new works and portfolio pieces to future employers.


When it comes to sharing images and a slice of your daily life, Instagram is a revolutionary tool that gave account holders many more digital camera uses than they previously had. The reason why it is so revolutionary is because it allows people an unprecedented peak into your daily life. Most people love Instagram because it is simple, streamlined and it speaks to a whole generation of young people who believe life should be mostly shared and not kept a secret from your friends and the people you love. Additionally, the mobile engagement of Instagram is highly attractive to anyone with a smartphone.

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