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Top Social Video Marketing Tactics For Multiple Channels Strategies

Social media marketing is increasingly defined by video marketing and marketing across social media channels. These factors can make social media marketing expensive and time consuming for small companies that do not have the same resources. Nonetheless, these tools can be lucrative if used the right way. The marketing director for a small company may wonder what tactics might make multi-channel social media videos for marketing. Here are 5 social video marketing tactics for multiple channels to help your company achieve new digital marketing successes.

Study Your Customers

Multiple channel video marketing works best when it is focused where your customers are. Before building a campaign, study your customers social media habits. This will tell you which social media platforms to be on. This sort of marketing is expense and time consuming. As a result, you need to use efficient tactics to make sure you get the most out of your campaign. There is no point to posting marketing videos on media platforms your customers do not use. Follow where the customers go. Do not make them follow you.

Cross Promotion Campaigns

When running video marketing campaigns, make sure all your social media pages are integrated. Have specific videos for each social media platform on your similar products and offerings. These should then share a theme or tag line. This should then be reinforced on non-video social media and app platforms. This process will ensure your customers are getting an identical experience wherever they are viewing it. The important thing is to design new material for each platform, not just copy the same ads to every platform. Use a common template to build specific material for each platform.

Respond To Customers

When customers post comments to your videos, respond to them. Video comments can be a great way to build word of mouth for your company. You need to steer those comments though. Do so by entering the conversation and structuring it. Additionally, you can respond and defuse complaints instantly through comments. The comment feed is a great way to hear directly from customers, make the most of it by leading the feed.

Leverage Customer Videos

Keep an eye out for customer made videos that feature your products. These can become a great tool to feed a viral marketing campaign. When they occur, save them to your foldershare, then re-post them on your own social media page as proof of customer satisfaction. You can even produce more by encouraging customers to send in their best videos and make a contest out of it. This sort of marketing can be a great way to get video material without having to pay for it.

Social Media Cross-Checks

You can determine how effective a video on one platform is by looking for mention of it on another platform. Your customers use these social media platforms interchangeably. They will post a short video on one because that platform is easiest to post a short video on. They will then comment on it on a second platform where comments are easy to see. They use all the platforms at once depending on their functionality. Take this into account when determining the video marketing benefits to see if campaigns are successful. A good video on one site might generate good comments on a second. Only by viewing them all can you get a real sense of how your campaign is going.

Multi-channel video marketing can be very straightforward if you remember a few tactics. Study your customers and only use the platforms they use. Develop campaigns with integrated themes but original content for each platform. Respond to customer comments on videos to build word of mouth. Encourage customer videos to help with a viral campaign or digital candystorm. Test the effectiveness of a campaign on one platform by looking at comments on another. With these tactics you can efficiently build multi-channel video campaign to fire up social media.

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