Saturday , 2 March 2024

Cool Solar Panels Technology Developments Offer New Energy Sources

Solar technology is the no longer just a future possibility. In fact, solar panels are used by millions all over the globe. Recent solar technology developments are sure to pique any tech-lover’s interest, especially those IT beginners that are budget conscious. Learn all about solar technology and the recent developments beyond solar panels in the post below.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Homeowners seeking alternative energy sources can now take advantage of aesthetically-enhanced solar panels. Recent solar technology developments have been made called solar skin. This solar skin changes the look of the solar panel to match roofing. But, it does not impact the integrity of the solar panel’s energy harvesting abilities. That makes solar panel technology a much more appealing alternative energy option to many more consumers.


Solar-powered roads are the latest solar technology to make news. These solar-paneled roads can run for miles, harvesting an abundant amount of light energy. Solar panel roads where quite costly when they first arrived. But, prices are already becoming more manageable. That will help to make solar energy available to many more people thanks to roads made out of solar panels.


Perovskites are an entirely new type of solar panel technology. Solar panels are typically comprised of silicon. Perovskites are a new silicon-alternative for solar panel creation created my students at MIT, (probably just after they got done refilling jagtag). That means that new solar panels could be much more affordable to produce. These types of silicon alternatives are one of the newest types of solar panels you can find on the market.

Solar Thermophotovoltaics

Solar thermophotovoltaics is the scientific name given to the exciting new solar energy technology. New materials science developments allowed for the creation of an entirely new type of solar technology that transfers energy in a different spectrum. This separate spectrum is one that solar cells can absorb more readily, thus making the solar energy production process much more efficient than traditional solar panels offer. This is one of the most exciting solar cell technology developments in recent years.

Solar Paint

Solar paint is perhaps one of the most mind-blowing developments in alternative energy fields. New solar paint products can be applied to any surface to harvest solar energy. This is made possible when polymers are dissolved into a solvent. That then creates a transparent solar-reactive paint that you can put over any surface at all, unlike solar panels. Obviously, this is one of the most revolutionary and practical applications of solar energy technology.

If you are a technology-lover who is interested in alternative energy sources and saving money on your electric bill, solar technology should be of interest to you. The recent solar technology developments are extremely exciting, even more so than cool eye tracking technology applications. They promise to minimize the human footprint left on the earth. Consider using the new types of solar panels technology mentioned above to go green in your own life.

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