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How SplashID Password Manager Software Helps Prevent Hacking


SplashID is not like all those PHP tools. It is simply a password manager app. The app saves all password information and makes it readily accessible for users. The app syncs to your devices. It can be used for web logins, credit cards and any other information you would like to keep secure. In this post, app users can discover features of SplashID before deciding to download the app.


One of the best parts of an app like SplashID is that we will never again have to remember a plethora of passwords. Some of us have to keep track of all our passwords on the Note app or Stickies, which are not the safest options. Or, some of us go the even less safe route of recycling the same passwords over and over again. SplashID allows users to create more complex passwords that can be stored and remembered. The app’s core purpose is to keep users safe. But remember, it still will not offer any webcam security if that is what you are looking for.


Passwords are not the only thing SplashID is able to remember, unlike similar antispyware programs. App users can store an assortment of information on the app based on personal preference and need. You can store bank account information, serial numbers, web logins, combinations, credit cards and various other data. For those of us who are more forgetful, you can even save information like birthdays, prescriptions and clothing sizes. SplashID is very flexible in that it allows its users to choose what information is stored and protected.


SplashID is available across different platforms. You are able to synchronize data between your desktop software and handheld devices. This includes the two most popular smartphones, the iPhone and Android, but goes beyond. BlackBerry, Palm OS, Windows Mobile and iPad are also covered. You are able to sync these devices wirelessly. For those not using an iPhone or Android, check which version of SplashID you can download. The SplashID website will show you which version is available for you. This password manager app beats its competition by being accessible on a variety of platforms.

App Security

SplashID works by syncing your records. The app can connect to your Cloud to sync. However, many people may not feel comfortable syncing their private information with the Cloud. SplashID has an option that allows users to sync via Wi-Fi. Or, you do not even need to sync your devices at all. The app also uses Unbreakable AES and 256-bit Blowfish encryption software to keep your passwords safe, similar to top-performing ACF2 security software. The security provided by the app is what attracts users to SplashID.

SplashID Pro

SplashID has a $1.99 Pro option which offers more features than the free version. One of the main differences between the free and paid version is further security features. SplashID Pro gives its users automated backups and priority app support. Pro users also receive free updates. App users, first download the free version of SplashID. If you are not completely satisfied, then you can download Pro. The free version has a majority of the benefits offered by Pro. SplashID Pro is an option for those desiring added security backup features. If you love 2 factor authentication, you will love SplashID Pro.

SplashID Team Edition

SplashID Safe is also available for teams. The SplashID Safe for Teams service allows you to secure and share passwords across an entire business. You can also use the software to share and secure other credentials as well, like usernames and similar. The SplashID Safe Team edition allows you to organize and share critical records with cross-platform support and instant setup. This can help to improve productivity and team member collaboration at any organization. If you own a business, this is certainly a software solution to consider for your IT security.

SplashID is a password manager app already being used by one million people to prevent hackers from using backdoors to access their private accounts and information. SplashID offers app users safety, flexibility, protection and security. SplashID Pro is also available to those who desire further protection. For those who desire increased security, SplashID is an app to consider, but first you should also consider user reviews of the product.

SplashID Alternatives

SplashID is one of many programs available for personal data management. There is tough competition in this arena, which makes it hard for this particular one to stand out. Although SplashID syncs passwords and personal data across all platforms and devices, similar products do the same and receive better reviews from users. Here are some alternatives that offer similar services for cheaper.

  • LastPass
  • Sticky Password
  • RoboForm Everywhere

RoboForm Everywhere

RoboForm Everywhere is one of the top password management software available today. The password storage solution synchronizes password management and form filling on multiple computers, which other similar services do not offer. It also protects against security vulnerabilities and makes it super simple and convenient to practice good internet security.  One downside of RoboForm, however, is that it is a subscription-based service, which many users tend to shy away from. If you do not mind scheduling another automatic monthly payment, RoboForm Everywhere may be one of the best password management solutions available in a hybrid cloud format.

These top personal data management software options all cost less than the premium version of SplashID and receive much higher ratings from users and tech experts, alike. SplashID is great for some users but if it is not right for you, consider these alternatives.

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