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SSL Certificate Guide For Secure Ecommerce Web Development

Every internet user has surely recognized the SSL certificate image on many websites, particularly ecommerce sites, that they visit. But if you are an aspiring web developer looking to create your own ecommerce site or online store, you probably want to know a bit more about what it is, what it means for a website and how to go about getting one. If so, keep reading to learn all about SSL certificates and the role they play in web development and identity theft protection.

What Are SSL Certificates?

Simply put, SSL certificates are used to indicate a secure encrypted connected from a browser to a server. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a global security technology standard that enables this secure connection. These SSL certificates are also referred to as digital certificates and help to authenticate the identity of a website as well as encrypt transmitted data. If you want to create a secure website, a digital certificate is necessary.

Are There Different Types Of SSL?

Yes, there are several different types of SSL certificates available as an ecommerce solution. SSL certificates vary based on the amount of domains and subdomains owned. These certificates can be single, wildcard or multi domain depending on the amount of domains and subdomains involved. The level of validation varies as well. SSL certificate validation levels include domain validation, organization validation and extended validation, or EV, from least secure to most. It is important to understand the varying types of digital certificates in order determine your security needs.

SSL Is Required

If you want to create an ecommerce site or open an online store, it is imperative that you figure out how to get an SSL certificate. SSL certification is required for PCI compliance. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, the organization that enables your site to accept credit card information. When creating an online store, you absolutely must remember to get a digital certificate in order to meet PCI compliance standards.

Where Do I Get An SSL Certificate?

In order to obtain a digital certificate, it needs to be issued from a trusted Certificate Authority, or CA. There are many Certificate Authorities out there. GlobalSign, Digicert, Comodo and Symantec are just a few CAs to consider. Remember to look at all the SSL Certificate Authorities available before deciding to ensure you have the most reputable and cost-effective digital certificate possible.

SSL certificates are absolutely necessary for any online store or ecommerce site. If you are a web developer looking to start your own ecommerce platform, make sure you familiarize yourself with digital certificates. Use this post as a reference to understand how to determine which SSL certificate to get and how to get SSL certificates for your online store. These are required for PCI compliance, so the success of your ecommerce web development venture depends on them. Keep this in mind.

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