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How The Best Enterprise SSO Tools Improve Business Performance

The best enterprise SSO tools improve business performance in several key ways. Single sign-on (SSO) tools use authentication technology to protect private login information and credentials. These tools securely save user login credentials for various different sites or software applications. Given their critical importance, nearly every modern business nowadays can benefit from advanced, powerful SSO solutions. As a tech business owner yourself, you should understand how integrating these invaluable tools can improve operations, productivity, and security throughout your company. This way, you can simplify employee accessibility and login processes for your most trusted workers. Read on to learn how the best enterprise SSO tools improve business performance.

Provide Multiplatform Access 

First, the best SSO tools provide efficient multiplatform access to your employees. With a single point of login, employees can seamlessly sign into different platforms, accounts and applications. This drastically reduces the chance of forgotten, reused and shared passwords across your many company accounts. Ultimately, this can protect your company against possible information security threats inherent with digital business operations. In addition, these revolutionary tools make it easy for remote employees to  safely access their work accounts from home. This universal access lets employees login to work accounts while traveling on business trips. This way, your employees can always access important company tools and resources with a single login. Surely, the top enterprise SSO tools provide your employees with multiplatform access to improve productivity throughout your business.

Promote Employee Usability

Additionally, the best enterprise SSO tools promote employee usability and improve overall business productivity. These tools limit the burden and responsibility of employees having to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Since most employees switch up to an average of ten apps a day, these solutions eliminate the need for multiple logins. Using single sign on, you can save a considerable amount of time and money as well. Since these solutions are usually within an identity and access management system, they should include convenient, easy-to-use app portals. This way, employees can easily select and use any enterprise applications in the portal. This makes it much simpler to use different software platforms at work. Of course, enterprise SSO tools promote employee usability to increase business productivity.

Enhance Security Capabilities

Next, the best enterprise SSO tools can enhance your business’s security capabilities and networking services. These solutions protect your master password against thieves, hackers and unauthorized users. This can eliminate your chances of company accounts or private information being compromised. Since your employees only need to remember one password, it can be much stronger with complex characters. This makes it a lot harder for hackers to guess. Single sign on also reduces the likelihood of employees writing down passwords or leaving them out. This drastically decreases the risk of password misplacement or theft from untrustworthy workers. Integrating an SSO, along with these common sense practices, you reduce the chances of your employees’ passwords being stolen. In short, the best SSO tools can enhance security capabilities and promote business productivity.

Minimize IT Costs

Then, you can minimize IT costs with the best SSO tools to increase business productivity. With these tools, you can reduce employee help desk calls for password issues. This can save your IT department over $50 per password fix. In addition, SSO tools limit the amount of passwords each employee must remember. Then, your employees won’t call the help desk for resets as often. In the long-term, this can multiply your cost savings. Of course, you can require your employees to make more difficult passwords in their SSO tool. Since they’ll only have one to remember, you can still minimize your password resets. Simultaneously, you can increase password security as you drive down IT costs for your company. Certainly, the best SSO tools can increase productivity by minimizing IT costs.

Eliminate Password Fatigue

Furthermore, you can eliminate password fatigue with the best enterprise SSO tools to increase productivity. With these tools, you can reduce the number of passwords your employees must remember from nearly 200 to one. Using one set of account credentials, your employees limit feeling overwhelmed from password fatigue. In addition, your employees don’t need to remember all their work-related passwords. Of course, employees can also use an SSO tool to create one strong password protection solution. This way, they don’t have to reuse or write down their passwords for multiple applications. Simultaneously, they can keep their logins safe and organized. Definitely, the best SSO tools are great to eliminate password fatigue.

There are several key ways the best enterprise SSO tools improve business performance. First, SSO tools can provide multiplatform access that lets your employees log into their work accounts from anywhere. Second, these platforms promote employee usability and eliminate the burden of memorizing multiple platforms. Next, use these tools to enhance security capabilities with one strong, secure password to remember. Since your employees won’t have to call the help desk for password resets, you can minimize IT costs as well. Furthermore, eliminate password fatigue with only one password to keep track of. These are the key ways the best enterprise SSO tools improve business performance.

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