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7 Reformatting Computer Preparation Steps To Take To Protect Data


Reformatting is the process of completely erasing everything from the hard drive of your computer and then reinstalling the essentials – like your operating system, applications, and personal files. It’s a drastic measure that may just fix your slow computer. Many tech users don’t realize how many viruses, worms and malicious files they are downloading to their computers each day. Reformatting is a way to ensure that malware is completely removed from your computer so that everything can run smoothly again. But, it’s a last resort. To make sure the reformatting process goes without a hitch, follow these simple steps just like you would when you want to remove background online.

Save Your Stuff

This should go without saying. But since many accidentally forget this preparation before reformatting computers, it has to be said. Save any open or unfinished documents, music or movies that you want to have access to after you have reformatted your computer. Saving your documents is not enough. However, it is the most important first step you need to take to prepare for a computer reformatting.

Back Up Your Data

Whether it’s on a flash drive, external hard drive or CD, the first thing you should do is back up your data. Nothing could be worse than wiping your hard drive clean and then realizing that you have just completely erased your entire music library or that your long-term efforts to translate a document were all for nought. Make sure you have saved everything before proceeding. This includes your photos, word document, PDFs, movies and anything else you have done or saved to your computer! When in doubt, save it. It’s better to have everything saved than to find that you missed something once you have already started reformatting.

Make A List Of Software And Applications

Before you dive in and get rid of everything, be sure that you have a plan for what you will need to download back onto your computer. Reformatting is already enough of a hassle, but taking the extra step to document what you are deleting will be extra helpful later on when you begin reinstalling everything. As you make the list be sure to figure out how you will be reinstalling or downloading each application or software. Do you need a password or a product key for any of them? Figure that out now to save yourself time later. A list of things you might usually forget about, like Microsoft Office, GetResponse or the latest Sims game, will be extra helpful when you’re ready to test out your newly reformatted computer.

Copy Your Drivers

If you want your hardware to work after the reformatting computer process is done, make sure to make a copy of all your drivers. Make a copy of the settings for all of your hardware. You can do so using a program like SlimDrivers, Driver Genius or similar. You will definitely regret it if you do not. So take the extra time to copy computer drivers before reformatting, this is much more important than saving your music YouTube videos.

Make A Copy Of Your Browser Settings

Your browser settings are an easy feature to forget. Unless you are using a browser like Google Chrome, which can sync up your saved settings to any computer if you log into your google account, you may want to make a copy of your browser settings. This is especially helpful if have gotten used to one-click logins to your favorite social media sites – your browser knows your Twitter password, but do you? Save your settings with an open source app like FavBackup so you don’t lose all that info. You will be glad you did.

Set Aside The Time

Reformatting is a lengthy process. Depending on your computer and how much you have stored on it the process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours! Make sure you have time to set the process in motion and, once everything is deleted and your computer is ready to go, make sure you have time to sit down and get all of your software and applications reinstalled in one sitting. That way, you won’t have to waste time downloading something the first time you want to use it again. Following this step is important not only for your computer, but for your peace of mind.

Reformatting Windows

Reformatting computer techniques differ by operating system. If you are looking to reformat a Windows computer, you are first going to want to know what version of Windows you are running. This is imperative, as there are going to be different directions and different steps you have to take to reformat Windows Vista as opposed to recent Windows 10 updates. As long as you know what OS version you are currently running and have done research on how to reformat that particular operating system, you are ready to go ahead and complete the reformatting process.

Reformatting your computer is a tricky task. However, as long as you are prepared and follow these 4 steps, you will be organized and ready to go. Save your data, including any infographic tools or other software, have a plan, and in no time your computer will be running more smoothly than ever.

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