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How Story Telling Software Helps Increase B2B Sales Revenue Easily

Everyday, the barriers to information continue to decrease. Business are making decisions based on increasingly significant information provided by data collection, processing and analysis tools. We even have innovative NoSQL databases that can crunch up to 1 million times more data. So, why are companies not buying your services? Better yet, why are you having trouble closing sales?

ArrowsWith all the information available, you would think companies are investing in software and tools that help them increase revenues, cut costs or improve value. That is the whole point of implementing new technology.

But, your customers are just not seeing the value. What is in it for them? It’s obvious, right? Not so much. Although decision makers want to be informed, the do not always have the time to do the research. To you, it might seem obvious. But, key people in businesses are very busy.

Story telling software can help you inform key stakeholders about your products or services through the process of digitalization. Instead of using traditional white papers and outreach materials, you can utilize software to create streamlined materials that communicate the most important information. As a result, the decision makers you are able to act on information that is relevant to their business.

B2B Means Shorter Sales Cycle

In a research report, SiriusDecisions revealed that B2B marketing campaigns have increased by 32% from just 2 years ago. Clearly, companies are making the investment in software and technology to reach out to their prospects. By communicating with prospects more effectively, the sales cycle will become shorter, leading to more sales and revenue.

Pick A Sales Tool Software

To get started, pick a sales tool software vendor with an emphasis on story telling. You can check out our post on the latest sales tools technology released called ValueStory, helping communicated value in stories.

Allocate Time Each Week

Next, allocate a set amount of time each week to get familiar with the tools. You may have to change your vendors to suit your needs best, but it can be well worth the time invested (just like most software implementations).

Use Tools To Create Stories

Thirdly, use the tools to create stories with calculated value. Focus on the numbers and presentation to articulate the most important points. Make it simpler than ever to understand the main reasons to buy your white label solutions.

Top Story Telling Tools

If you want to utilize the best story telling software available alongside your CPQ software in order to inform stakeholders with an enjoyable presentation, you need to know what is out there. The best story telling tools vary, based on your needs. But here are three options that you should certainly give some consideration:

  • WireWax
  • LookBookHQ
  • StoryboardThat

Consider using one of the top story telling software mentioned above to make the most out of your information and create an enjoyable presentation.

Dig Deeper

When using story telling software for business marketing purposes, make the added effort to dig deeper to come up with potential story ideas. Story telling is most valuable when the story follows a real person that consumers can relate to. When consumers relate to the “character” in your story, they can truly be inspired and motivated by it. This helps them to establish an emotional connection with your business. That helps maximize the impact your story telling software has for business.

Run Tests

Then, runs a couple small tests, just as you would when you start a blog. Ask existing accounts about what they think. See what their reactions are. Collect data and feedback from everyone you can and revise accordingly.

Deliver And Optimize

Finally, take to market and optimize accordingly,just as the most successful innovation managers do. Similar to how you would develop an application, you have to keep iterating as you go along. Test it out and improve as you go.

Once you have started to better inform your prospects, they will have to do less research on their own. You will have established more credibility than other companies and significantly shortened the sales cycle. If you are not currently getting the message delivered digitally, this could be exactly what you are missing, better software and tools.

Mobile Storytelling Software

If you want to make use of story telling software on the go, there are also many mobile applications for storytelling available on the market, as well as video editing software to compliment the process. Storyhouse and Recontr are two top storytelling platforms that you may want to use on your own just to get a feel for story telling. By learning how to use story telling mobile software, you will be helping yourself to master the art of story telling for sales as well. This will put you ahead of the curve, giving your company the chance to make more sales, faster.

Are you currently using software to generate story telling for sales? Do you have experience in the technology of sales? Please let us know what you think below.

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