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How Digium Switchvox Services Improve Communications For Cheap


Switchvox is a phone system created by Digium, a private communications technology company. Switchvox uses VoIP technology to help provide unified communication solutions. This can be a great option for businesses in need of a new way to communicate over the phone, whether they need to reach the Lifelock number or just a colleague on another floor. If you are a business owner interested in hearing more about this innovative technology, you have come to the right place. Below, we have listed the top six benefits of switching to Switchvox for your communications needs.

Cost Effective

The first benefit of switching to a Switchvox phone system is that it is cost-effective, unlike becoming a VMWare partner. VoIP technology is known for being an inexpensive alternative to traditional phone lines. This still rings true for Switchvox, which provides you with reliable, consistent monthly billing charges that are a fraction of what you would be paying for a landline. If you want to reduce overhead costs for your business, consider using Swichvox.

Improved Communications

There are many common telecommunications issues that can arise, even if you have someone on staff with their MCSE certification. With Switchvox services, this not something you will have to worry about. Digium Switchvox phone system helped to benefit Cullman Primary Care and many other companies in this area. The services helped to reduce the number of communications problems experienced from day to day. This is a huge advantage that other brands cannot promise.

Tailored Solutions

Switchvox offers tailored solutions to small to midsized businesses. This is an incredible benefit over other open source solutions offered. Switchvox offers an incredible array of professional features and tools. However, it is almost 80% less expensive than other competitive UC systems. Having solutions tailored to the size of your business makes it much easier to manage and deploy. If you value customization, the size specifications of Switchvox are a huge advantage.


Another great benefit of Switchvox is its flexibility. This unified communications system comes with three options regarding your choice of platform, as well as two options for your choice of software. Each is designed to better suit your needs as a business, unlike Mirapoint. If you want something that caters to smaller companies, Switchvox has the option for you. For something that can fit your communication style no matter what, use this Digium phone system.

Easy Installation

As a business owner, you are probably too busy to worry about the installation of a new phone system or CCVP. That is why Digium makes it so easy with their simplified set-up. Switchvox can be deployed quickly without a hassle so you can have your new phone system running in no time. If you want a communications tool that will make the conversion process easier, use Switchvox.

Full Of Features

Switchvox is a feature-rich system that provides users with a variety of tools to improve their communications, just like Yesware Chrome. Businesses can take advantage of distinctive rings on extensions, call queues, conferencing and even a switchboard. If you want to take control of your phone system with unique features like this, Switchvox is the one for you.

Improved Customer Service

Another point to consider when looking into Switchvox is the improved customer service. With a unified communications solution partnered with your Dbase system, you can reach out to customers faster than ever. Additionally, Switchvox helps to remove the hassle of a customer service call for everyone involved with their Follow Me feature. This feature directs customer calls between phone lines until someone answers so that they are always guaranteed to get the assistance they need. For something that benefits both your business and your consumers, use Switchvox.

Reduce IT Strain

This Digium phone system can help to significantly reduce strain on your IT crew. This is much simpler than trying to guide instantiation. Since it is so easy to administer, end users can be given more power to make changes and set preferences without burdening your IT staff. If you want something that makes everyone’s job a little easier, get Switchvox.

Switchvox is a unified communications solution available for VoIP. Business owners should consider utilizing this unique phone system because it provides numerous benefits, just like the basics wallet. Whether you are looking to save money, improve communication or reduce strain on your employees, Switchvox can help.

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