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SysCloud Strategies Seek To Improve Cloud Security For All End Users

You probably don’t spend much time emailing revisions back and forth anymore. Now, even in colleges and universities, individuals are using quicker, easier collaboration solutions. It is much easier to edit documents with someone else in real-time than waiting for your turn to make changes. Also, it helps that everyone can use their own device while still working on the same information. However, due to a recent rise in cyberattacks, businesses need to protect all the data that is being shared.

syscloud_imageSysCloud, a data backup and security company, helps companies protect that sensitive information. This may include reports, data, research, products, databases, customer information, contacts, tasks, projects, etc. Needless to say, security for many businesses is very important, especially in industries like health, law and software.

With all the major network protocol and information technology breaches in the past couple years, data storage is on high alert. Companies are taking a serious look at how to best protect their information on the platforms they are currently using. Most likely, these cloud solutions include one of the following:

  • Google Apps
  • Dropbox
  • SkyDrive/Office365
  • SalesForce

These are some of the most popular file sharing and collaboration tools used by businesses, including internet banking providers. SysCloud, led by technology and marketing veteran Vijay Krishna, aims to help back up and secure the data on the platforms mentioned above. They prevent data loss, unauthorized information breaches and security compliance through their single software application.

To continue and increase successful growth, SysCloud has raised $2.5 million from Inventus Capital Partners and KAE Capital. They hope to scale the current offerings around personal identifiable information, data sharing visibility and security police enforcement. The company also plans to use the additional funding for cloud security innovation, in hopes of producing new cool tech solutions to respond to the every-evolving cloud security threats.

Mitigate Cloud Security Threats

In order to minimize the many threats to cloud security, professionals can utilize new services and security providers. These cloud security companies can help prevent data breaches, exploited system resources, account hijacking and many other dangerous risks that can result in data loss or criminal activities.

To learn more about cloud solutions, read our post on 5 Top Signs That You Need Cloud Collaboration Tools. Otherwise, once you are using collaboration platforms, you may want to think about choosing a vendor to further secure your information. Right now, SysCloud is looking pretty good.

Top Cloud Security Threats

There are a number of cloud security threats that can potentially harm an infinite number of networks and devices. However, the most worrisome is data breaches. Cloud solutions traditionally store an incredibly vast amount of data, both personal data and business data. That makes them vulnerable to unsavory characters looking for an attractive target with lots of data to mine. These data breaches can result in fines, lawsuits or even criminal charges for victimized companies. That is why cloud security measures are such a crucial aspect of implementing cloud solutions at any organization.

Cloud Security Alliance

You may also be interested to learn about the Cloud Security Alliance, or CSA, and how it plays into your cloud solutions in foldershare and more. The CSA was formed with the purpose of promoting best practices for security assurance within cloud computing. In order to do this, the organization offers education on the uses of cloud computing and how it helps provide security for all other types of computing. If you would like to attend one of their events to buff up on the best cloud security practices, be sure to visit their website to find one happening near you.

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