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5 Features Tape Backup Solutions Provide Businesses

There are several features tape backup solutions provide businesses. Magnetic tape storage has always been a core component of business data centers since the first days of computing. Today, these tapes have evolved and modernized into high capacity storage cartridges. This type of storage medium offers higher standards of durability in many international datacenters. As a business owner, you should consider utilizing tape backups to store your data cheaply, reliably, and securely across your organization. Read on to learn the features tape backup solutions provide for businesses.

High Transfer Rates

First off, tape backup solutions offer high transfer rates for businesses. Tapes offer write speeds that are faster than disks. Similar to flash drive storage, tapes offer at least 350 megabytes per second in write speeds. Although, tape introduces higher latency regarding production storage. To mitigate this, you can mix storage mediums to increase the tape’s write operations. For instance, you can move data over from a solid state drive to tape for a reduction in latency. This way, you can conduct backups to keep data safe and accessible throughout your business with little latency. Definitely, tape backup solutions offer high transfer rates for companies.

Multi-stream Backups

Next, tape backup solutions leverage multi-stream to lower transfer times for businesses. When backing up data on a server, the information is loaded in its buffer. Furthermore, this allows the server to select all the data packages from the system’s buffer as the tape storage library can possibly write. This process helps ensure maximum write speeds across the tape drives. As more data is sent to the server buffer, the backup computer sustains the entire data transfer speed. This way, the backup server can move backed up data without bottlenecks. For sure, tape backup solutions offer quick transfer times for any sized company.

Low Costs

In addition, tape backup solutions offer lower costs compared to other storage mediums for businesses. Similar to mobile app development, disk and cloud-based backups are expensive to implement on a large scale. Furthermore, tapes allow companies to backup their data more affordably in terms of cost per megabyte. In fact, tape backups can be used to store critical legacy data in higher quantities. If time and money are factors into your backups, it would be inefficient to convert the legacy data into another format. Moreover, transferring the newly formatted data from tape into a different type of storage medium. Certainly, tape backup solutions saves businesses time unlike other types of storage.

Reduced Downtime

Similar to lowering costs, tape backup solutions provide minimized downtime in businesses. Most tape-based storage systems use an advanced set of features to guarantee the entire system maintains operation and accessibility. For example, most tape implementations utilize redundant power supplies with failover support. This offers fault tolerance to suit the needs of any sized organization. In addition, some advanced implementations offer machine learning and other types of intelligence built within the software. The software uses environmental analyzations and power monitoring to predict potential issues before they occur. Surely, tape backup solutions ensure maximum uptime for businesses.

Increased Security

Also, tape backup solutions provide enhanced security for large scale organizations. Tape is a great supplementary backup solution, unlike disk storage mediums. Tape is usually injected and stored in secure locations. Typically, they are held offline and separate from a business’s online data systems. This process is also referred in the data sector as air gapping. If the business was ever attacked by malware, the virus would not harm the data. This is because the tape is disconnected from the drive physically and cannot be accessed using your public ip address. Of course, tape backup solutions offer advanced security features to protect against viruses in your business’s infrastructure.

There are several features tape backup solutions provide businesses. Firstly, tape backup solutions offer increased writing speeds. In addition, multi-stream backups load data into the server buffer to reduce bottlenecks. Next, tape provides lower costs in terms of price per megabyte. Furthermore, tape storage mediums can lower downtime with fault tolerance. Of course, tape-based storage implements higher standards of security from malware attacks. Read the points above to learn the features tape backup solutions provide businesses.

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