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Crucial Task Tracking Software Features For Timely Project Deliverables

Task tracking software is one of the best project management tools to have, aside from digital asset management software. But, there are certain features that absolute must be present if you want to get value out of your project management technology. Thankfully, there are posts like this one. If you are a project manager trying to find the best task tracking software, learn the must have features you need below.

Customer Support

Customer support should definitely be a priority feature when considering different task management software. Task tracking tools take time to get used to. The learning curve is not always smooth. In fact, problems can arise at any time with any type of project management software. That is why the customer service features are such a crucial factor in your decision. Customer support should be one of the first things you ask about when learning about different task tracking solutions available to you.


Scheduling tools are a must have feature of all project management solutions. Managing projects is largely about managing deadlines, business data, team meetings and actual time developing solutions. Scheduling features help you manage your time effectively. That will lead to more efficient project management overall. This will improve all your job outcomes, which is why scheduling are some of the most crucial task management software features for you to have.

Real Time Statuses

Real-time statuses of project and task completion are necessary for project managers to be able to do their jobs effectively. Gantt chart visualizations are incredibly helpful for managing task progress and completion. Obviously, that can help you meet more project deadlines. If you want to deliver your best products in a timely manner, real-time status updates are a crucial task tasking software feature to have.


Chat features are something you certainly want to have in your project management tools. Task tracking features aside, messaging tools are some of the most useful features your software can have. This makes office communications much more efficient. It also makes your day-to-day job much more enjoyable. Having fewer phone calls to make is always a good thing. Improving team communications is simple, as long as you find a task tracking software that also include messaging features.


The ability to create subtasks makes for the best project management technology. Projects are comprised entirely of individual subtasks and network troubleshooting tools. That is why you absolutely need to have subtask features on your task tracking tools. They will make it easier to manage your own workload. Make sure any task tracking software solutions you consider include subtask tools to get the most out of your technology.

Every project management professional understands the importance of having the best task tracking tools. In order to do that, all you need to do is look for the five must-have time tracking software features detailed above. These must-have project management tools offer more than just time tracking solutions. Make sure to consider them in your search to achieve timely project deliverables.

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