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Teamwork Project Management Helps IT Teams Deliver Better Results


Teamwork is a project management software designed to help teams and businesses find new and more efficient ways to collaborate. The Teamwork project management software is highly rated by many users. If you are a business owner or project manager interested in connecting with your team and streamlining your process, this program may be for you. Teamwork has a variety of business tools and solutions that could help to improve your next project. To learn more about Teamwork, take a look at their many benefits below.

Google Drive Integration

Teamwork knows how important it is for your team to be able to access all of their documents. This is why they offer Google Drive integration. With the Start-Up plan or higher, you can use this feature to perform a variety of tasks. Most importantly, you can link documents to your projects and tasks. Additionally, you can share and create new Google documents within the program itself. This is a great way to streamline the project so that everything is accessible in one place.

Time Tracking

The time tracker feature is one of the best tools included in the Teamwork software. You can use this time tracker to measure time spent on specific activities and projects. This gives great insight into where the majority of your team’s time is being spent. Thorough task reporting features show what activity types are sucking the most time from your team’s work day. It can also be helpful for tracking billable time when you use business outsourcing solutions. This is an incredible benefit not offered by other project management solutions.

Variety Of Options

Anyone from large corporations or small start-ups can utilize this service for a reasonable price. They have a variety of pricing plans available for businesses to utilize. For starters, there is free option for those wishing to test the waters or those who simply do not need a large amount of storage. Then, there are several pricing options ranging from $12 to $249 per month depending on the business’ needs. Some pricing levels even provide additional antispyware features. They also offer individual pricing for enterprises interested in this useful service.

Unlimited Users

No matter what plan you choose, Teamwork provides you with unlimited accessibility for all users. Anyone can be added to the project no matter what price plan you use. This is great for businesses that hire freelancers or outsource work that they want documented on their project management software.

Real Time Communication

Another advantage of the Teamwork PM software is the ability to communicate in real time, unlike Zabbix software. Using this top project management software, you have access to Teamwork Chat, a real-time messaging feature. You and your team can certainly benefit from having integrated messaging capabilities, so that you do not have to waste time switching gears to send an email and wait for a reply. The real time communication capabilities of Teamwork can help to improve efficiency and communications in your office.


Teamwork Projects offers the incredible ability to keep things neatly organized by labeling everything. You can label, or tag, any aspect of a project using the Task Tags feature, even on a micro computer. Opening up the Task Tag menu grants you access to a color coded list of tags. These tags include Approved, Denied, Invoiced, For Review and Pending. However, you can add your own custom Task tags. In addition, you can use multiple tags to label a project and even merge tags. The organizational capabilities of Teamwork Projects software is a huge advantage that cannot be understated.

Project Templates

Another benefit of Teamwork project management software is the ability to create and use multitenancy project templates. If you have a consistent layout that you want your team to use for certain projects or assignments, this is the best way to implement that. Project templates will allow you to shave time off of your future projects.

Email Integration

Email integration, like Google Drive integration, is a useful feature that Teamwork has implemented in their program. Email integration allows you to get alerts and notifications about your projects via email. This way, you will never miss a deadline for any of your computer repair services or other projects.

Risk Register

Among the many other business solutions Teamwork offers similar to Oracle Openworld, their risk register is one of the best. This tool allows you to identify and prioritize possible risks with all of your projects. You can be prepared for any situation and ensure your team utilizes proper planning.

Teamwork’s project management software has a variety of useful features that can help to improve your business practices, similar to top digital asset management software. Their dedication to collaboration and quality promises for a positive experience no matter what project you are working on. If you are looking for a business tool that can help your employees work together more efficiently, Teamwork project management software may be for you.

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