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Coolest Travel Gadgets To Include In Your Packing Lists For Every Trip


Whether you are backpacking across Europe or commuting to work, having a few gadgets with you can make the trip much more bearable. There are thousands of travel gadgets on the market today, but we have narrowed it down to the top accessories you need for any situation. If you are interested in learning more about our favorite top-tier tech travel accessories, keep reading below.

For A Long Flight

When it comes to traveling, nothing can be as stressful and restrictive as air travel. Thanks to the iPhone impact on society, you are probably not happy with the prospect of being disconnected on a long flight. If you are taking a plane to your destination, you should consider bringing a tablet with you. Whether or not you choose to pay for wifi on the plane, a tablet can save you from having to watch boring, and sometimes expensive, in-flight entertainment. Instead, you can find tons of gaming apps that can be used in airplane mode. You can load the tablet up with all your favorite music and download a movie or two. For endless options to keep yourself entertained, consider packing a tablet into your carry-on.

For A Road Trip

Everyone knows that road trips are all about the music. Blasting your stereo as you drive down the highway with the windows down is the best feeling. Instead of fighting over the aux cord with your friends, consider investing in a satellite radio. With thousands of channels and genres to choose from, a satellite radio can bring you music you never would have had on your regular driving playlist. You can easily switch from one station to the next so that you can suit everyone’s listening needs. Best of all, you can set up alerts for when a certain band is playing on any station so that you can rock out to every Journey song you know.

For A Train Ride

A portable wifi router is the answer to all of your prayers as you hop on a train across town. Rather than using up your precious data, take your own personal router along for the ride and have access to all your favorite Momentus apps. Most train lines do not have free wifi available, and cell service can be patchy from place to place. A portable wifi router can solve all of these problems. Now, you can check your emails, surf the web and Tweet about your travels faster than ever. If you want your own personal network, a portable wifi router is the travel gadget for you.

For A Cruise

It does not get much more relaxing than a week spent at sea. However, to document all of that relaxation, we suggest you bring a waterproof camera along with your best headphones. Whether it is just a waterproof case around your smartphone or the latest GoPro, you will be glad to have it. Take pictures of that gorgeous sunset and even snap a pic of some fish below the surface. With a waterproof camera you can do it all.

For A Tropical Getaway

Whether you are planning a luxury island getaway or just a weekend beach trip, the Sandless Beach Mat is a must have, especially if you have a cracked phone. This revolutionary product makes a day at the beach much less uncomfortable and much more enjoyable. The Sandless Beach Mat was originally developed for military use and filters sand through a series of interwoven layers. It is literally impossible to get sand on this blanket. So, feel free to rest your cold beverage on it or your wet body after a quick ocean dip without fearing sand sticking all over. This useful beach accessory is a must have for any beach getaway.

Coolest Travel Gadgets

If you do all sorts of travel, you may just want to know the newest travel gadgets. Here are our picks for the top travel gadgets of the year, so that you can get a head start on comfortable travel for all of next year’s trips.

  • Nokia Treasure Tag, for all your precious gear
  • Scottevest QUEST Vest, to fly with just a carry-on
  • HooToo HT-TM04 TripMate Elite Versatile Wireless N Travel Router, to stay connected on the go

If you travel all the time, these three gadgets for traveling are must haves, no matter whether you take a train, plane or automobile. Check out these travel products to make your next trip as comfortable and, dare we say it, enjoyable as possible.

Sometimes it pays to splurge on travel gadgets, including car gadgets. If you want to keep yourself entertained on a plane to another supercomputing conference or make some great memories on a cruise, these products have got you covered. Refer back to this post the next time you are making your packing list.

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  1. I like how you have broken down the list based on the mode of transport. A smartphone with its Apps and music and Bluetooth speakers are some of the gadgets that have become a norm now. The Sandless Beach mat has really become popular in the last year and I have seen it being used even on picnics. A wonderful and unique list.

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