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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Technology As A Freelancer

If you are working as a freelancer, you might be using a number of software and hardware options that can help you accomplish more in less time. However, considering the various platforms and tools you are using, you could easily get overwhelmed. You might be trying to figure out how you are going to make the most of these. Whether you are a digital native or not, it literally pays to know the tips and tricks that will improve your productivity, satisfy your clients, and get bonuses.

Clean Up Your PC Or Mac

Imagine working on a webpage and, all of a sudden, your computer lags and restarts. You didn’t have time to save your work, so you will need to start from scratch. Nothing could be more frustrating to a freelancer than a faulty PC or Mac. If you want to reduce downtimes and avoid going back to square one, doing regular maintenance on your PC should be a priority. Start by removing unnecessary apps and large files you don’t need anymore. You can also upgrade your RAM, replace your HDD with SSD, and clean up any system files and temporary files. These simple tips can help keep your PC from crashing so you can deliver your outputs on time. Of course, cleaning up your device will help you make it as a freelancer, and speed up your Mac or PC.

Use Project Management Apps

When dealing with a client who has too many requirements for you to fulfill, it’s important to write down every detail of the project. While you can always take notes using pen-and-paper, it doesn’t actually help you with organizing your tasks. Especially if you are handling multiple clients at once, a project management and cloud collaboration tools like Basecamp or Asana can help keep track of all your deadlines and deliverables. You can also use note-taking apps like Evernote, Google Keep, and Slack for making checklists, jotting down ideas, and saving references for a case study.

Get A Reliable Internet Service

Even if you have the most sophisticated tools in your arsenal, you won’t be able to make the most of them if your internet speed is sluggish. To be sure, run a speed test on sites like or If your connection speed is lower than 30mbps, then report the issue to your network provider. It would be better if you upgrade to satellite internet, but there will be instances when slow download speeds are caused by your device. When it comes to speeding up internet mac and PC users can pick a DNS server that will boost your download rates.

Take Up Online Courses

Technology keeps evolving and freelance professionals like yourself should learn new skills and tools in order to be marketable. There is no perfect time to invest in your continuing education than now, so take advantage of online courses that will teach you everything there is to know, from data science to coding.

Learn Some In Demand Tech Skills

Of course, it will be incredibly beneficial to learn some in-demand tech skills. Tech freelancers specialize in pioneering new skills like AI web development, API engineering, and software computing. Simultaneously, you may want to learn more about WordPress web design and database management. Other important skills to master include popular coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Certainly, learning some in-demand tech skills is a great way to improve your career as a freelancer.

There is a lot more you can do with the tools and software that you already have. Taking the time to learn more about them can help you on your path towards a successful career in freelancing.

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