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Biggest Technology News Stories To Make Headlines In 2017

In technology, things are always rapidly changing. It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest tech news and trends. But, if you are a lover of all things tech, staying on top of all the latest technology news developments brings you joy. That is why you will probably want to make sure you know these top technology news stories of the year. These are the stories that have shed light on the biggest changes in technology over the last year.

WannaCry Ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware attacks were, without a doubt, the biggest tech news story of 2017. The attacks happened to thousands of computers all around the world in May of this year. Hackers hijacked Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway, Spain’s Telefónica, FedEx and many other computers with Microsoft Windows OS. They demanded payment in Bitcoin, until Marcus Hutchins found the off switch. This limited the damage done. But, this widespread attack was still the biggest technology news of the year just for  the sheer size of the attack.

Translation Tech

Translation technology developments made headlines in 2017. For years, tech users have been able to translate a document, but never a human conversation. Previously, rumors spread quickly on social media about the technology. However, this year was the year that automatic translation apps became a reality. Now, instant translation devices are hitting the market. Consumers, particularly travelers, are very happy about it. This is one of the few happy news stories that made a splash in the last year.

CSC/HPE Merger

CSC and HPE merged after nearly a year of negotiations. This merger was one of the biggest news stories of the year when DXC Technology officially opened for business on April 3rd. The CSC and Hewlett Packard merger was first announced back in May of 2016. But, it took an entire year for the two organizations to make preparations. Later in July, the new DXC acquired Tribridge. This makes DXC an impressive power player when it comes to Microsoft applications that could lead to even more Windows Live changes. This is certainly one of the biggest technology news stories that was a year in the making.

Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars have been a tech news story for years. But, it was not until this year that self-driving cars really became real possibility for the near future. This past year, Google, Tesla, Uber, Mercedes-Benz and Ford all started development on an autonomous car. Who knows, maybe Hyundai cars will be next. Experts anticipate the first autonomous car to hit the market in 2021. This is a hot topic that made for one of the biggest technology news stories of the year.

Social Media’s Fake News Problem

Social media’s struggle with fake news was another one of the top technology news stories of the year. At first, it appeared to be a problem unique to Facebook. But soon, more news stories proved that fake news was not just Facebook’s problem to take care of. Russia’s use of technology to interfere in the United States election, and allegedly several other world leaders’ democratic elections, made for some huge PR issues for Facebook and Twitter in particular. This led to huge damage in the public perception of Silicon Valley and consumer trust in Silicon Valley tech firms. If you did not hear anything about Russia’s election hackings or social media’s fake news, you must live under a rock. This was perhaps the biggest news story of 2017 overall, let alone the biggest tech news story.

Technology made news a lot this year, for reasons good and bad. For tech-lovers, that made for a huge deluge of information to take in. Just in case you missed them, the stories above are some of the biggest tech news stories of the year. These 2017 technology news stories are the best ones to reflect on before the New Year to learn where we went wrong, what we did right and what we have to look forward to. Happy New Year!

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