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Awesome Technology Solutions To Eliminate Daily Struggles


Technology, by definition, is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. We see this in action through medical advancements, new inventions and other large-scale industry actions, such as cloud computing companies. However, nothing sometimes new technology is devised solely in response to our day-to-day aggravations. Below is our top six pick of the coolest technology solutions to life’s little annoyances. If you have ever wished there was a way to eliminate these daily struggles, you have come to the right place.

The Waiting Game

Everyone has had to make a phone call that leads to a four hour wait filled with lots of Muzak and very little patience. If you want to skip the wait and get straight to an operator, there is an app that can help you do just that. GetHuman is an app that is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. It is designed to help users get in contact with real, live people when calling businesses, organizations, or any other line with a complex navigation system. This leaves you more time to start a blog or take out the garbage. They will provide you with the fastest way to reach someone so that you can save yourself the frustration of getting the run around from your cable company.

Snoring Spouse

If you sleep in the same bed or even just the same room as a person that snores, you have probably dreamed of the day there was a solution to the problem that actually worked. Well, that day has arrived. The wearable noise-cancelling device called the Silent Partner eliminates the sound of your partner’s snores! This is so much more life-changing than Google Mail, if you ask us. The wearable device creates a sound wave that is the exact opposite of the snoring sound wave. This cancels out the noise. If you want to get your partner to stop snoring, that could take a costly surgery. Instead, just buy the technology solution to the problem. This way, you never have to hear your partner snore ever again.

No Available Outlets

This technology solution is not only helpful, it is also environmentally friendly! Whether you are on a plane, in a car or simply somewhere with no available outlets, the solar powered phone charger is designed for you, especially if you still have iOS 8 and your phone dies the second you take it off the charger. In order to charge your phone, just stick the suction cup end to a window and plug your phone in so it can soak up the sun. This way, you can get a charge just from daylight rather than having to search for the nearest plug.

Losing Your Keys

Losing your car keys is a pain, especially when you are running late for work or school. Dozens of different types of technological solutions have been developed for this problem: a key finder. Instead of trying to make the decision between Lyft vs Uber when you are in a rush for work, just use a key finder to locate your keys! Whether you use an app, an old school remote or any other variation, you can locate your key in seconds.

Car Troubles

There are car troubles beyond the Lyft vs Uber debate that technology has actually solved, not caused. Owning a car is a big responsibility, and it comes with a lot of frustrations. One of the worst situations is when you just cannot figure out what is wrong with your car! Or worse, when you do not even realize something is wrong until it is too late. Thankfully, devices like CarMD have been developed so that drivers can constantly keep track of their vehicle’s health. Use this app to record and track any car’s maintenance reports and general info regarding vehicle health.

Big Phone, Small Hands

With smartphones getting bigger and bigger every year, as evidenced by the iPhone 7s, it is important to have a way for people with smaller hands to keep their grip. The Popsocket is a fun and innovative phone accessory that makes holding any sized phone easier than ever, and you can choose from a variety of colors and designs to customize your very own. This technology solution is not only useful, it is also stylish too!

Business Difficulties

In addition to all these great fixes for life’s everyday annoyances, there is also a huge market for technology solutions for business. One such technology solution is offered by many IT companies, and that is integration services. Integration services help engineer, stage and deploy various business technology solutions for any industry. If you are a business owner who wants to take part in the digitalization of business, consult with an IT solutions company.

Technology Solutions For Business

If you are looking for these types of technology solutions for business that offer more than just a wireless printer for your office, there are plenty of providers to choose from. However, there is something to remember when beginning your search. You may be tempted to do business with the recognizable names in technology, like Oracle or Avnet. However, there are many other small business technology solutions providers that may be a better fit for you budget or needs. If you own a small business, for example, you will do much better with a small tech solutions company. They understand your needs. Do not overestimate the advantages of large corporate technology solutions. Your business can benefit from digitalization and automation without worrying about your budget by doing business with a small tech solutions business like yours.

These technology solutions are some incredibly useful ways that prove how science is being used to improve our every day lives. Advances in medicine with modern cancer research and the ever increasingly thin laptops are not the only ways in which technology is making things better. Next time you face one of these daily annoyances, remember that there is a technology solution that can help.

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