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Techworld Site Offers Great Resource To Understand Technology’s Impact


Techworld is a UK-based technology website with a focus on technology’s impact on business and society. The site has been successfully publishing for over a decade, much like the NERSC website. Techworld is a great resource for those in the technology business. However, technology enthusiasts like yourself can also gain a lot from the site. In this post you can discover five interesting features of Techworld.


Not only does Techworld provide exciting, breaking information on technology, it also has fun activities for technology enthusiasts. Though, admittedly, they may not be nearly as entertaining as Quake Live. Have you ever wanted to test your knowledge on your favorite technology topics? The site provides quizzes on anything from topics like hoverboards chat bots and dating apps to technology news quizzes. Technology enthusiasts can test how much they truly know about technology with the variety of quizzes. These quizzes are one of the great features of Techworld’s site that you can enjoy.

Networking Resources

Techworld has plenty of networking resources for you to utilize. If you check Techworld’s Twitter followers, they encompass technology journalists, business CEOs and similarly related businesses. The site’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus can all be used for similar reasons. Techworld also has blog posts where you can read tips on successful networking. The networking resources provided by Techworld are great resources for technology enthusiasts looking to enter the technology business.


Techworld provides its readers with tutorials on a variety of topics. How to build an app, speed up your website and interview software engineers are all available. You can also find articles like how to unbrick iPhone models, as well.These tutorials are great for all technology enthusiasts. If you are not looking to build an app or aid your website, you can still discover topics. How to boost your Wi-Fi and optimize Google Docs are two such topics. The tutorials section is a great way for technology enthusiasts to find information on any topic they want to learn more about.

Job Resources

Usually on a website’s footer, the word “Career” will you send you to another page with information regarding whether or not the company is hiring. However, Techworld expands beyond that. The career section brings you to pages on pages of job resources. Interview tips for both the hiring personnel and potential employee are also available. You can also gain insight from people in the technology business. This may wind up helping you find a job in the field you are interested in. Techworld provides extensive job resources for tech enthusiasts looking to work in the field.


Techworld’s analysis section is another great tool for technology enthusiasts. Here you can discover honest editorials about apps, products and businesses. The analysis section provides tips as well as critiques. With articles covering topics like whether Virustotal can save your computer or not, this may help you choose what sites, apps and technologies to utilize. In this section, Techworld really digs into competing businesses and how one may be advancing over the other. The Techworld analyses are a truly interesting part of the website that all technology enthusiasts would enjoy reading.

Personal Tech

Another huge part of the Techworld site is called Personal Tech, designed to help you find unique USBs for every need or to find out what caused the end of Wintel.This section of the technology website covers all the latest news, features, analysis, tutorials and galleries of the latest personal tech devices and gadgets. You can use this area as a resource to learn Google Calendar tricks everyone should know or the best free software downloads for any laptop. If you are a tech enthusiast, you will definitely love this part of the site as much as we do.

Techworld Inc.

Techworld Inc. is not to be confused with the Techworld spoken of above. This Techworld offers language solutions for business. These include translation services, cultural awareness training, language fluency traning, interpretation services and simulations and assessments. Unlike the Techworld mentioned above, Techworld Inc is based in the United States. The company operates in the automotive, government, human capital, marketing, relocation, training, scientific and technical industries. If you love technology, be sure to visit the Techworld site, not the Techworld Inc. site.

Techworld is a great site for all technology enthusiasts to read and utilize to understand how technology, like mobile VoIP, affects business and society. The site offers many features for its users. Some of these are quizzes, networking resources, tutorials, job resources and analyses. The site is clean, easy to navigate and organized. Techworld is definitely a website all technology enthusiasts should check out.

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