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Telcan VoIP Features Offer Users A Cheap Phone Service Alternative


TelCan is a VoIP calling service that allows you to make inexpensive calls to and from India. VoIP stands for Voice over IP, which allows you to make calls over the internet. If you are seeking out a cheap alternative to your phone service provider’s international charges, you may want to consider an FXO guide to see if VoIP by TelCan is the right solution for you. To find out more about this inexpensive VoIP service, take a look at some of the pros and cons listed below.

TelCan Features

Before you learn all about this company’s services, you should probably familiarize yourself with the features that will be discussed. Telcan features a slew of tools for calling, including pinless dialing and pin-required dialing. In addition, they offer auto-recharge and manual recharge options that are even easier to do than refilling Jagtag cards at Indiana U. Telcan also provides speed dial features, one touch dialing, Skype calling capabilities, free international text messaging and more. These are just some of the most prominent, and useful, Telcan calling card features. Now, keep reading to see whether these features are all talk or an actual solution to help you talk to whomever you want, wherever you are.

Pro: 24 Hour Customer Service

TelCan offers 24 hour customer service in both the United States and India. Customer service representatives are available by phone to help you with any problems that may arise. In addition, TelCan also offers customer service via email. This can prove useful if the issue you have does not need an immediate fix. Online reviewers rave about their kind and efficient customer service providers. If you are looking for a pleasant experience when you need help, look to TelCan for great service.

VoIP App

The Telcan VoIP app is one of the company’s absolute best features, similar to the awesome Linkscanner app. The Telcan app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. That means you can benefit from the ease-of-use no matter what type of device you have. Not many other VoIP providers have apps available to customers. So this is a huge benefit offered by Telcan. If you want to have access to one of the best VoIP features available, the Telcan app should certainly be on your radar.

Con: Busy Circuits

Although many customers claim that they have experienced nothing but excellent quality when using TelCan mobile VoIP, others have found their service lacking. According to some reviews, the TelCan network is not always available to everyone. Sometimes, the circuits will get overloaded. This forces customers to wait for a line to open up before they can make calls. If you want fast service and the ability to make calls whenever you want without issue, TelCan may not be right for you.

Pro: Availability

There may be one reason why TelCan’s circuits are so busy. The TelCan network is widely available. They offer services through mobile VoIP apps that are compatible with almost any device. Android, Apple, Windows and PC phones and laptops can all connect you with TelCan, so you can dial the Lifelock number any time of day from any location. Additionally, they offer services through Gmail, MagicJack and Skype for those who want to save even more cash. If you want a service that you can access anywhere at any time, consider TelCan.

Con: No Sharing

Unfortunately, the TelCan network still has its limitations, just like a rent a PC. Your TelCan account can only be linked to one phone number at a time. This means that you cannot share the service with friends or family who may need to make the same long distance calls. Not only can accounts only have one authorized number; that authorized number can only be changed once per month. If you are looking to split the cost of an international VoIP service, you may have to find a different network.

Pro: Worldwide

One big pro of the TelCan VoIP service is that it is available worldwide, unlike Winhex. Calls can be made to any country in the world at varying rates. For example, a local access call from the United States to Mexico will cost $0.08 per minute, while a call to Italy will cost you only $0.02 per minute. However, calling out to countries other than the U.S, Canada, China and India will take more careful planning. In order to make these worldwide calls, you will have to email TelCan’s customer support ahead of time so that they can set up the proper calling channels. This may be a deterrent for those who want to live more spontaneously.

Home Video Recording

This is not to be confused with the Telcan units designed and created by Norman Rutherford of the United Kingdom. These Telcan devices were the first in home surveillance but unfortunately, they were ahead of their time, much like some of the latest microparticles developments. There were many technical difficulties with the electronics, although they were well received. In an unfortunate turn of events for Rutherford, he abandoned his passion for technology and never got formed any semiconductor companies. Perhaps this is fortunate for TelCan VoIP, as it gave them the opportunity to take the name. However, it is important not to confuse the two.

Overall, the TelCan service has its fair amount of both pros and cons. If you are looking to make calls around the world quickly and easily, TelCan might be the service for you. Try it out for yourself to be sure. They do not have a free trial, but they will refund you 100% of your money if you decide that you do not like the service. You have nothing to lose, so decide whether TelCan is right for you and give it a try.

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