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5 Features The Best SMS Texting Apps Have To Offer For Business

There are several features the best SMS texting apps have to offer for business. Many companies use texting apps to send order verifications, appointment reminders and store promotions. Plus, businesses can use SMS apps to market their brand with personalized messages and deals. As a business owner, utilize a texting app with the best features to promote your company. This way, you can market your products and reach your audience with engaging SMS content. Read on to learn about the best features SMS texting apps have to offer for business.


First, keywords is a feature that SMS texting apps can offer businesses. With keywords, your contacts can easily subscribe, request information or access a deal. You can also attach your keywords with short codes, or six-digit numbers, to receive messages from customers. For example, customers can text “OFFER” to your short code number for a free beverage. From there, your app can store participants’ numbers and send more promotional SMS text messages. In addition, use effective digital advertising for your keywords on a billboard or commercial so viewers can take advantage of your offer or subscribe. You can also use keywords to engage with existing databases from other organizations. Surely, keywords is a feature that texting apps can offer businesses.


Automation is another feature SMS texting apps can offer businesses. Use an advanced texting platform to string together recurring and scheduled texts for your campaign. You can also access the built-in automation features to create auto responses and out-of-office texts. In addition, you can set up text-to-pay invoicing or payment services to automatically get paid through the app. You can also schedule SMS appointment reminders to increase booking rates and decrease no-shows. Plus, grow your referral rate by sending surveys after purchase to collect feedback and testimonials. Of course, SMS texting apps can offer your business automation features.

Multichannel Sending

Also, multichannel sending is a feature SMS text apps offer for businesses. Choose an event like a birthday or holiday to trigger a workflow. In addition, you should interweave text messages to define the flow. If you have specific conditions, you can configure filters to create non-interference groups and recipient segmentations. Plus, integrate real-time software and track the campaign progress with aggravated reports. This way, you can keep customers informed, track orders, and instantly deliver time-based notifications. Surely, multichannel sending is an advanced feature the best text apps provide for their businesses.

CRM Integration

Furthermore, SMS texting apps offer businesses CRM integration. Integrate text messages with your customer relationship management apps. After all, texting is a popular method customers and businesses use to communicate together. With the proper CRM integration, you can cover multiple key areas with your clients. Plus, you can utilize the platform to manage client messages and data in one unified interface. This way, you can increase communication, efficiency, and productivity across your customer base. Certainly, CRM integration is a great feature the best SMS texting offer for companies.

Team Focused Inbox

Furthermore, SMS texting apps offer team-focused inbox features for business. Use this feature to coordinate customer SMS conversations with multiple employees. From here, your different teams can offer fast and accurate responses to customers. Plus, your employees can easily transfer messages to other departments who can offer more help with certain topics. For example, your customer service team might not be able to answer shipping questions. Instead, the team member will forward the message to the fulfillment department. Additionally, you can enable advanced settings to enable private messaging within your team. Here, members can discuss specific chat questions without the customer knowing. After all, this is a great customer experience practice to improve client satisfaction rates. Certainly, a team focused inbox is an excellent feature offered by business SMS texting apps.

There are various features the best SMS texting apps have to offer for business. First, you can add keywords so your customers can easily subscribe or request information. Next, utilize the automation settings to schedule messages and reminders. In addition, access multichannel features to send SMS messages via different channels like email. More so, CRM integrations let you connect with customers and manage their data with different solutions. Furthermore, use the team focused inbox feature to collaborate with other members within your company. These are different features the best SMS texting apps have to offer for business.

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