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Top Photo Editing Apps For Image Enhancement And Picture Corrections

Thanks to the new iPhone 7 and 7+, Apple has put their best cameras yet in the hands of all new iPhone owners. They feature higher resolution, faster auto-focus and better image stabilization. Whether you have noticed the difference or not, the camera is an upgrade and will continue to improve.


Whether you think this improvement is due to competition or not, the mobile market has definitely stepped up its game. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 phone both offer top quality cameras. However, they do lack iO10 since they run on Android. For the primarily Apple user, that could be a deal breaker because of moving costs. Of course, this is just one of the digital divides that exist in our technology driven world.

So, now that you have upgraded iPhone technology, how do you make the most of it while living in the moment? There are several apps that will help you manage edit your photos. The best photo editing apps will enhance your photography skills and the overall quality of your pictures. Here are a few that top the list:


Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone. It is also one of the must have Mac accessories. The app is an all-purpose photo editor that helps you make image enhancements and corrections. Snapseed has tools for exposure, color and sharpening adjustments, cropping rotating, straightening and correcting perspective. It also has selective adjustments, brushes and healing tool to beautify your selfies. In addition, Snapseed features Vignette, filters HDR and black and white tools as well as frames and text. If you want the most comprehensive photo editing app available in the App Store, consider Snapseed.

Manual App

Manual gives you just what it sounds like, manual control over Advanced settings such as ISO and shutter speed. The added features allow you to catch longer exposure or less exposure (for those dark evenings). This will certainly help bring your electronic media project to the next level. However, the app only allows you to make adjustments while taking pictures, not afterwards.

AutoDesk Pixlr

No matter what type of phone you have, AutoDesk Pixlr is compatible with it. Think of it as the Adobe Spark Video of photo editing. This is one of the top free photo editing apps, with over 2 million combinations available between the many effects, overlays and filters offered. You can create photo collages, or use the “Auto Fix” feature to automatically balance image color. You can even layer and blend multiple images into one, or use beauty fix features. If you want a comprehensive free photo editing app, this is the one.

Photoshop Touch

This is one of the most popular Photo editing Apps available in the app store. It allows you to your images based on brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Furthermore, it has the ability to work with basic layers, filters and Image textures and tools. For a Quality touch up, the app allows you to make edits quickly from your phone. You might catch students at Kings Park schools using this as a bridge to design on Photoshop.

VSCO Camera

This app by users with the ability to tweak photos and apply special-effects. It has a variety of multipurpose filters with adjustable sliders and upgrades available within the app. Furthermore you can tweak your images for such ration, temperature, film grain, shadows, highlights and more. Addition, you can easily share your images across social media networks as well as the VSCO Grid, a new photo publishing platform. This app may make your image so beautiful you want to learn to print on canvas to frame it for your office wall.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

This photo editing apps is a fast growing app, just like the Lyft vs Uber apps. It is free to download and use with available in app purchases. The one feature that really makes it stand out is the high number of filters offered within the app, including water color features. If you need to do other basic editing, it does have those features as well.

Although these photo apps do a really great job, the default iOS features are constantly improving too, and choosing a printer is a big part of how your image turns out, as well. I would not be surprised to  see Apple incorporate many of the features available in third-party apps into the default iOS. But, in the meantime, you can enjoy the enhanced photo editing capabilities.

Now that you have better apps for iPhone photography, get out there and start taking some pics! Also, be sure to check out our post on the PicsArt app. And, if you do happen to have some really awesome snapshots, feel free to send it in. We just my feature it in our next blog post. Thanks for reading. Please do share if you have a second.

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