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How To Buy A Used iPhone That Isn’t Stolen

Soaring prices of new technology make the market of used media devices tempting. Technology beginners on a budget should purchase a used iPhone over a new one. This will allow you to use an iPhone while avoiding the hefty price tag. Use the tips ahead to make the best choice when selecting a used iPhone to purchase.

Make Sure It Is Not Stolen

You will regret buying a stolen device, no matter how much money you were able to save. Ensure that your device is being legally sold by checking the activation lock status online. If an iPhone is stolen you may not even be able to use it when you receive it. Do your due diligence ahead of time to avoid accidentally purchasing stolen property.

Pick A Reputable Buyer

Avoid a scam by purchasing your used iPhone from a reputable buyer. Sites dedicated to selling used technology and iPhone trade ins are easy to find. Read reviews if you are going through a third party site. Of course, reviews give you information about past transactions. This allows you to buy with confidence. Select a reputable buyer when purchasing your used iPhone to avoid any issues with payment or quality.

Check The Quality

Check the quality of the phone before making any purchases. Ask the seller for multiple pictures. Additionally, it is best not to hesitate if you have any questions. Do not be naive about the condition of a used product. A perfect condition phone at a suspiciously low price is likely a scam. Be realistic with your expectations. Some cosmetic damage can be expected from any used product, but it is totally worthwhile. To make a savvy buying decision, compromise on physical quality in order to save money when purchasing a used iPhone.

Select Your Features

To choose the best used iPhone, compare the available features. The differences between the generations of iPhones are the features they offer. When purchasing a used iPhone, you can expect that older phones do not provide the same version as the newest version. Newer models offer more storage and higher quality cameras. Select which features are important to you. Once you know what features you need, find out which generation fits your specifications. Then, adjust what you are looking for based on price point to get the best deal.

Ensure Network Compatibility

You search should include network compatibility verification. Not all iPhones are compatible with your network. Look in the description of an item listed for sale to know if it will work for your plan. When in doubt, reach out to the seller and ask if the device is ready for use on your network. If you are unable to find a used iPhone for your network, consider purchasing refurbished. A refurbished phone purchased through your carrier is a great way to save money. Check that the used phone is ready for use through your network to avoid wasting money on a device you are unable to use.

Research Older Phone Prices

Often times, the used phone market has great deals. If you would like to save some extra cash, you can buy used phones that are a few years older. Just going back an extra year could save you as much as $100 on a used phone. Do your research to narrow down the best pricing options for phones from various years. You could end up getting very similar smartphone features for the same price as new budget phones.

A used iPhone allows you to own the type of device you want at a lower price. Keep these tips in mind as you sort through a saturated online marketplace. Be sure to check that it is not stolen, it has the right features and will work on your network. Use these tips together to ensure that you end up with the best device in hand.

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