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Essential Guide To Refilling Jagtag For Purdue University Students


Any proud Jaguar knows that your JagTag is an essential campus accessory. If you are enrolling in Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis this fall, you are going to need it everywhere you go. The JagTag acts as both a student identification card, library card and even a debit card. Your JagTag ID can be used at over 100+ different places both on and off campus for food and various retail services, just like any other Chase payment method. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep the card well-funded for all of those late night trips to Qdoba.

During Registration

One quick way that you can get cash onto your JagTag is during class registration, when you are signing up for that impossible-to-get music production class. This simple, online process will get you $50 of JagTag cash quick. All you will have to do is select the JagTag deposit under the “Optional Fees” section during registration. The only drawback with this format is that you cannot choose to deposit a specific amount. You can only deposit $50. That certainly will not last you the entire semester. Still, it is a good way to deposit money before you can make other arrangements. The best part is that the $50 gets automatically billed to your Bursar account. The money comes directly from your scholarships and financial aid, rather than your wallet. This is a huge advantage to adding money to your JagTag during registration.

On Campus Stations

If you are running around campus in need of some JagTag cash, the best way you can make a deposit is at one of the available Cash-to-Card stations. These stations are set up throughout campus in convenient places like the library and the IT center. There, you can hand over some cash and have it deposited directly into your account. That way, you can simply swipe and receive discounts at participating locations, including discounts for your FDA approved medications. This is a super easy, convenient way to add money to your account on the go.

JagTag EZ Deposit

If you do not want to worry about adding money into your account frequently, the EZ Deposit option is the one for you. With EZ Deposit you can charge $250 or $500 to your Bursar account and have it deposited to your JagTag account automatically. This money can be used to buy textbooks or an LG watch at the bookstore at the beginning of each semester too, so you will not “forget” about your 8am Economics class so easily. The only minor inconvenience of the EZ Deposit option is that you will have to fill out a financial aid form in order for the transfer to be approved. Once you do this however, you can have easy money for your account in no time.


The online option is the easiest way that you and your family can deposit money into your JagTag account. Once you have set up the account, all your parents need is your username! Simply go to, enter the correct username and the amount you wish to deposit. Viola! Now you have that extra $10 for a haircut at the on-campus salon. you can even access the site from your champagne color iPhone. However, keep in mind that you will be charged a $2.50 convenience fee for every online deposit. Try to deposit the money you need all at once. This will help you avoid racking up $50 in fees throughout the semester. Despite the fee, this online option is a great way to get money added to your account quickly.


This method for refilling jagtag accounts is incredibly useful for those inevitable times when a student is running low on money. For better or for worse, students often live in the moment, and sometimes that leaves you short on cash. Thankfully, you can add up to $15 to your Jagtag account to be billed to your bursar account at the end of the semester. This way, you can have a little pocket money to help hold you over until your next loan disbursement or work study paycheck. Unfortunately, you can only use the QuikBuck$ service once a semester using a campus VPN connection. However, it is still a great last resort for when you are really short on cash flow.

After Refilling

After refilling Jagtag is done, you are definitely going to want to use it. But where can you use a Jagtag? In addition to the bookstore and the campus cafeteria, there are additional eateries and retailers that you can pay with your Jagtag. Here are some of the many places you can use your Jagtag.

  • Au Bon Pain (26 Monument Circle location)
  • Papa Johns (955 Indiana Ave. location)
  • Noodles & Company (903 Indiana Ave. location)
  • Jimmy John’s (605 West 11th Street location)
  • Scotty’s Brewhouse (1 Virginia Ave)
  • Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery (10 W Washington Street and 2801 Lake Circle Drive locations)

This is by no means a comprehensives list, but these are great places you can pay with a Jagtag for lunch, dinner or even Thirsty Thursday drinks. Enjoy!

If you are going to be a Jaguar this fall, you should become familiar with the JagTag, one of the best geek gadgets ever created for college students. IUPUI’s website has a long list of all the vendors, restaurants and services that you can pay for with your JagTag. Become familiar with the deposit process, whether you do it online or in person, because you are going to be spending way more on Pizza Hut than you think you will this year. If you are already a JagTag expert, let us know where your favorite places to spend are around campus!

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