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How To Use Oracle Applications To Manage Business Servers


TKProf is a performance diagnostic tool that can be used to help monitor and tune applications running on an Oracle server. Oracle is a database of information. This feature can be extremely useful for users of the Oracle database. If you are interested in learning more about how to use TKProf on your computer, keep reading below. It is almost as easy as it is to install MAMP.

Oracle Applications Unlimited

TKProf is only one of the many applications offered by Oracle for business or personal use. With Oracle Applications Unlimited, like Oracle Openworld, you can take advantage of the company’s commitment to customers to provide the next generation of cloud applications and continually innovate in current applications. Oracle Applications Unlimited provides clients with tailored enterprise business and IT strategies to better plan upgrades, allocate resources and secure budgets. If you want reduced downtime, shorter upgrade cycles, proven upgrade paths and methodologies, consider TKProf as well as the many other solutions provided by Oracle applications.

Oracle Modern Best Practice

Another software solution from Oracle is called Modern Best Practice. The Modern Best Practice software is a Human Resources and Talent Management software solution. This HR software from Oracle promises to accelerate profitable growth for business. It also allows for customization based on your particular business function or industry, just like Prime95. This is yet another one of many Oracle Applications that you may wish to consider checking out.

Step 1: Set Parameters

The first step to utilizing TKProf for your digital project is to set parameters and check on your settings. Oracle automatically creates a trace file when you enable the SQL Trace Facility. You want to ensure that you can recognize these trace files by distinguishing them by name in the code. The specifics of this process will be unique to your operating system. Take your time with familiarizing yourself with the necessary steps, so that you can continue to step two.

Step 2: Enable The SQL Trace Facility

TKProf works in conjunction with SQL, another diagnostic tool. To use TKProf, you will need to enable the SQL Trace facility. You can do this through one of two procedures. The first procedure is to add the code “DBMS_SESSION.SET_SQL_TRACE”. The other code option is “ALTER SESSION SET SQL_TRACE = TRUE;”. Regardless of what you choose, this should enable the SQL Trace facility, so that you can move on to step three after you buy dedicated server.

Step 3: Format Files With TKProf

After completing step two, TKProf will accept the input trace file created by enabling SQL. The program will then produce a formatted file containing that same information. In addition to formatting the trace file, it can also determine the execution plans of SQL statements and create an SQL script. Once this file is created, you should familiarize yourself with the language used in the output, like NoScript. Finally, you can move on to step four.

Step 4: Interpret TKProf Output

After TKProf has produced a file and you have identified the format, you can begin to interpret the output. There is a series of statistics and information you will need to interpret in this file. For example, the tabular statistics are a list of statistics for the SQL statement listed in rows and columns. Each row corresponds to a step of SQL statement processing. Other information you may need to interpret include recursive SQL statements, which are created for operations done under the SQL leve.

Step 5: Store SQL Trace Statistics

The last and final step of using TKProf for your Oracle server application is to store the SQL Trace Statistics using NAS storage. Once you have developed and interpreted the information, you should always have it available for future reference. Having a history of these statistics available is a great way to stay organized. You can save the SQL Trace Statistics by generating an output script or table that can then be saved as a formatted file. This final step is optional but ultimately important to improving your application.

The TKProf diagnostic tool for Oracle servers is incredible useful. With a few simple clicks you can see a variety of information laid out for you, just as you do when you are Googling. The corresponding SQL Trace facility will gather all of the useful statistics you may need to improve your application. TKProf will then interpret that information and transfer it into a readable format. If you have any questions about how to use the TKProf diagnostic tool, let us know in the comments down below.

Oracle University

If you ever have trouble downloading or using Oracle software, you do not need to search high and low to learn how. Learning to use some of their applications is not quite as simple as learning to create Outlook email. That is why Oracle University exist. Oracle University is another service offered by the tech company. The service provides training for all Oracle applications. These training courses promise to make you an Oracle expert by the end of the class. This is a certainly a worthwhile resource for all tech users to keep in their back pocket.

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