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T-Mobile Blog TmoNews Resources For Interested Tech Enthusiasts

tmonews-social-media is an unofficial blog dedicated to bringing the scoop on the latest happenings with T-Mobile. The site is owned and run by PhoneDog, a media company that is designed to keep users well informed about mobile wireless technology. offers a variety of services to its readers including a buying guide, phone finder and sneak peeks at upcoming phones using simple WordPress themes. However, their blog is not the only place to access information. offers an array of social media profiles that are made to keep you up to date on any platform.


The Twitter (handle: @tmonews) has been active since 2009. Currently, the has a Twitter following of over 34,000. They post links to their most recent and relevant articles. They also tweet replies to followers’ questions and retweet useful tips provided by followers. Concerns about the TmoNews blog site can be addressed promptly over Twitter, so it is also a great option to get in contact with someone.

Facebook is slightly more popular on Facebook, with over 55,000 likes to their page “TmoNews.” Like on Twitter, TmoNews posts links to their latest articles. But Facebook offers a better platform for users to respond. Facebook users can comment on’s posts about digital technology and give feedback in a more open forum than Twitter. Unfortunately, TmoNews is not affiliated with T-Mobile. That means they cannot help you with a change in policy regarding your phone carrier. In order to get help with that, you will have to go straight to the source. However, if you are only interested in current happenings, the Facebook page is the perfect choice.


TmoNews has its highest following on Google+. With over 100,000 followers, made Google+ a great platform to engage with its followers. They have an About Me section on their Google+ profile that provides you with even more information. Some of which includes links to, and direct contact numbers for T-Mobile. This is an excellent site that can help direct you to the appropriate space for all of your concerns.


Although they only have around 3,000 subscribers, the YouTube profile hosts an array of unique content, almost like a minisite. On other social networks they simply repost their blog’s articles. However, the TmoNews YouTube provides users with dozens of videos regarding T-Mobile phones. They show demos, unboxings and first impressions. So tech enthusiasts may find it to be a fun account to follow. The YouTube account is a great place to find informative videos, whatever your reason.


If you want to know all about TmoNews as a business and its website stickiness, you can find that information on Crunchbase. This website will provide you everything you could want to know about how the T-mobile blog business is performing. You can see where the company is located (La Jolla, California), or view all of their recent blog and Twitter updates from one centralized location. To find out all there is to know about TmoNews as a company and see all of their most recent updates across all platforms from one easy-to-view location, visit the Crunchbase website.

Useful TmoNews Features

If you do not already frequent the TmoNews website and only interact with them on social media, you may be impressed by some of the features and resources they have. One of these cool T-mobile resources is the T-Mobile 700 MHz spectrum map on the site. Due to the amount of interest in continued low-band spectrum and 700MHz LTE activiation, the site imbedded the map for users. The interactive map even allows you to click on various markets to get information relevant to a specific area. The map even includes protected TV channel 51 locations, where 700MHz services cannot be used by T-Mobile. Pretty cool, right? Reach out to TMoNews using one of the outlets mentioned above to let them know what you think. is an ebusiness dedicated to bringing users up-to-date information regarding current developments at T-Mobile. Whether you are a first time T-Mobile user or a veteran customer, has plenty of useful information for you. If you take the time to check out their social media sites you can find even more helpful content from the creators of TmoNews. Stay in touch through Twitter, Facebook or Google+. It will provide you with an even better user experience!

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