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Bringing Learning Technology To Lesson Plans For Better Student Success


As technological advances continue to make our daily lives easier, learning through technology becomes more fully integrated into our education system. Learning through technology is a way of keeping students engaged, enhancing their experience and opening the doors for differentiated instruction. This caters to the individual students’ wants and needs. In the digital age, it is important for teachers to know what tools are available to them beyond Microsoft Office online, so that they can teach their students through technology in an effective way. The following are just some of the top-rated tools available to help students learn through technology.

Mobile Learning Technologies

One of the major ways that learning technology is changing our traditional classroom is through mobility. The practice of M-Learning, or Mobility, is the direct result of mobile devices such as laptops, iPads, smartphones and other portable devices. Not only do these devices give us access to Microsoft office online, but also allow cloud collaboration too. We can easily interact, exchange, communicate, share and most importantly, learn online.

Massive Open Online Courses

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs first came around in 2007. These MOOCs are free, open-enrollment courses offered by reputable colleges and universities. The courses were expected to improve and expand the scope of employee learning and leadership development curricula. While these options may have lost a little steam, they are still an excellent option to encourage students, as well as colleagues, to improve their personal knowledge to help further themselves. If you want to refresh yourself on certain topics, or give gifted students an option to improve their education when they normally watch TV shows, MOOCs are an excellent learning technology solution.

SAS Curriculum Pathways

SAS Curriculum Pathways is an interactive classroom software that allows you to teach your students using auditory and visual tools accompanied by a lesson guide. These lesson guides are meant to supplement the content educators focus on with their class every day. With an optimized design for easy use disciplines and grade options to choose from, SAS Curriculum Pathways is an excellent way to start your students on the path of learning through technology.

Classroom Response Systems

Classroom Response Systems, also known as “clickers,” are a combination of hardware and software developed for in-class use. These systems encourage participation in the classroom by adding an element of anonymity. Teachers can pose questions to their students in multiple choice form, then students can use these clickers to choose what they think is the correct answer. The students can use regular keyboards or a customized accutype keyboard too. These systems also allow teachers to organize those answers into a bar graph form, allowing them to physically see where students are struggling and, thus, develop a lesson catered to their needs in the topic. Teaching through technology can be beneficial in this way as it allows teachers to understand their students while also encouraging students to participate more actively in class.

EDU Blogs

EDU Blogs is an online community that offers a safe, private platform for students and teachers to interact online. This educational blogging platform offers various ways for teachers to help their students learn through technology by engaging with one another through WordPress run blogs with the additional benefits of class management systems, 24/7 support and additional plugins. EDU Blogs encourages students to learn through technology while providing teachers with the tools to track their progress, analyze their work and participate in projects with the global EDU Blogs community.


Schoology is a learning management system that is collaboration-focused and dedicated to bringing the academic community together through online instructional tools. Not only does Schoology offer innovative ways to learn through technology, but they also offer a variety of ways in which to go about it. With different software designed for grades K-12 and higher education, Schoology allows you to utilize the right tools to your advantage – they even have an app for learners on the go. Schoology enables students to learn through technology by cultivating a communicative environment similar to free conference calling for all learners.

These various technological developments are dedicated to helping students learn through technology, instead of just listening to Pandora music while completing their homework. Teachers across the globe are taking on the digital age with these online and technological tools. By teaching through technology that is designed to make the classroom experience that much more beneficial, teachers can turn learning into more than just a 40 minute lecture. It can be a fun and interactive experience when your students are learning through technology.

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