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Top 10 MacBook Apps For Computer Science Experts

Interestingly, many people who spend a pretty penny on Apple devices don’t use even half of the capabilities provided. So, if you don’t want to repeat their mistakes, it is worth getting to know your gadget better. For instance, a MacBook can please you with a wide range of built-in functions that move the user experience to a completely different level. If you lack time to go deep down the question because of the extreme workload in college, you can pay people to write essays for you and put your mind at ease. Thus, you will have more time for the things you are interested in.

The thing is that many cool apps don’t appear in the Mac App Store’s top charts, so you can easily overlook them if it is your first Apple laptop. However, we are here to have your back and help you sort things out.

Grammar Checking Apps

Whether you work as a content creator or study in college, you constantly deal with texts. The scope of work involves revision and editing that takes a lot of time and still leaves room for mistakes. Grammarly works on both PC and Mac which further complicates the mac vs PC debate. However, you can simplify this process with a specialized application. It has free and premium versions, where the latter will provide you with additional writing style checks and some other advantages for about $30 per month. However, you can get an annual plan for about $140.

E-Mail Solution

Many users don’t like the original design of the macOS Mail app, but this app can help cope with the issue since it can boast a simple, Gmail-style interface. The key drawback is its price tag since you will have to pay almost $27 for it. On the other hand, nowadays, many similar apps offer a pre-paid monthly subscription, so it can become a wonderful alternative.

Cloud Computing Products

Of course, cloud computing solutions are an essential product for your MacBook. Even though the Apple ecosystem is stunning from different perspectives and offers iCloud syncing, you may still need backups, especially if you work on several projects. There is always a likelihood of losing access to the content you have there, so installing an app that allows you to backup your laptop would be wiser. It will cost you $6 per month if you reject an annual subscription or two-year plan. The latter will allow you to save about $35. In addition, the app will become a safety ring for those who suffer from anxiety.

To-Do List Applications

Even though a MacBook has a wide range of built-in apps for note-taking and task-tracking, for example, their designs leave much to be desired in most cases. However, you can utilize a wonderful alternative that can replace many other apps pre-installed. This application will help you allocate your tasks comfy, creating different categories, so you will not get confused or affect your mental health. If you are not ready to pay $3-5 per month for a premium version, it has a free version.

Content Writing Platforms

If your job has something to do with creating content, you may fall in love with the app since it will make writing entertaining again. Those who are unsure whether it is worth giving it a try can start with a free version. The latter will provide you with automatic syncing across all gadgets, additional cool themes, and some other perks. The pro option offers two subscription plans, so you can get it for $1,49 per month with a one-week free trial or $14,99 per year with a one-month free trial.

Password Managers

Nowadays, users should take care more of their cybersecurity and utilize powerful and robust password managers. Unlike many other options you can come across on the web, this app will provide much faster and easier access to your created passwords, for instance, when you have to enter credentials manually. Besides, it can boast of a well-crafted keyboard shortcut for examining your password vault.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions

If you travel a lot or grab your laptop into public places, a virtual private network (VPN) is worth considering. It will hide your IP address and encrypt all the data you share, so the likelihood of getting into a scammer’s trap goes down when you utilize public Wi-Fi, for instance. In addition, this app stands out from the crowd with its speed, so you will face fewer inconveniences. A monthly subscription will cost you about $3,50.

Note Taking Tools

It is a great note-taking app that may come in handy for students or people who type a lot. It can boast a wide range of features that make it stand out from the rest. More so, it is an eco-friendly app as you aren’t wasting paper. Thus, you can organize your notes by creating separate folders and tags. If you use it on one device, a free version will be enough.

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