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Best Online Children Games Parents Can Feel Good About


Everyone knows that kids these days love to play games. They are probably always online searching for new games on Elgoog. While children tend to spend a lot of time playing fun games on the mobile or tablet – Angry Birds and the Clash of Clan being among the favorites – kids also love computer games. So, what are some of the most popular computer games for children?

Before you pick your favorite from the below list, remember a few key rules of gaming. Keep in mind that some games may use AI learning technology to educate kids on a whole new level. Children shouldn’t play games that aren’t aimed for their age, so be careful with the age restrictions. You also want to ensure the child has limits in terms of gaming time and if they are playing a social game, ensure they are friendly and respectful of other gamers. The best part for parents would be, they can purchase these games online from top retailers and do savings by using coupons available at!

1. Minecraft

You can’t write a list of children’s favorite games without mentioning the king of the all: Minecraft. The game took the world by storm and it stole the hearts of young and old children everywhere. The game has been a huge success with children, but also parents and teachers – the game is fun, but also educational. Children can use their imagination to explore the world, build different structures and spend time with their friends. The game is bound to provide endless hours of fun, if your child is into the game, check out some videos on YouTube. There are plenty of fan videos there, which can give ideas and tips for Minecraft fans – plenty of the channels are kid-friendly as well.

2. Zoo Tycoon

Children love animals and in Zoo Tycoon they get to control their very own zoo. The fun building game allows the child to design the zoo from scratch, build it to their liking, and add the animals they want to have at the zoo. The game looks cute and it’s definitely fun to play. Furthermore, it isn’t too hard to play even for the younger players and the mechanics are well explained. In educational terms, the game is perfect for learning about animals and the importance of looking after them. Older children might also be interested in Rollercoaster Tycoon, which is a game about creating and managing your own amusement park. These are much better options than letting them download the Wigo app.

3. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Not all games have to be educational, as children do deserve to just enjoy a good time every now and again. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is just the right game for this! The game has quality gameplay and great Adobe Spark Video graphics, with interesting stories and fun games. In the game, the player can control the likes of Iron Man, the Hulk and Wolverine and get on fun missions in order to save the Earth. The game is well-suited for children of all ages, although it might be a bit hard to play for the youngest of audience. Consider buying your child a Lego-themed gamer mouse to go with their new children game.

4. Portal 2

Portal 2 is not the newest game on the list, but it’s one of the best puzzle games of all time and therefore, definitely worth playing. The game is not for the smallest of children, as the themes can seem a bit scary and the puzzles do take quite a bit of brainpower and logical thinking to solve. Nonetheless, pre-teens and teens are sure to love the futuristic game where the player needs to create and use portals to his advantage and progress from one level to the other. The game and its characters are also fun, so it will be a great experience. There a lot of educational value to Portal 2 as well, since it does teach critical and logical thinking – and patience!

5. Farming Simulator 15

The final game might not seem like a big hit among children – or adults – but this simulator is actually plenty of fun to play using your keyboard and number keypad. The game is exactly what you might think it is: a simulation of the life of a farmer. You need to grow crops, harvest produce and sell your goods to keep the farm going. Farming Simulator is addictive and playing it can be great fun for the whole family. Not to mention the educational aspect of the game, as children will learn a lot about different crops and farming in general. Another favourite in the series is the Truck Simulator, which might be something for teenagers who are into cars and trucks.

For Kids Who Love Characters

If you have a child who loves to play games with familiar characters, you may want another option. After all, not many toddlers know who Steve from Minecraft is. PBS Kids may be the best place to find kids games online that feature recognizable, friendly character faces. These games include all of the top PBS kids characters, like Daniel Tiger, Elmo, the Cat in the Hat and Arthur, among others. If your kids just want to play games with their favorite friends from Sesame Street or other PBS Kids shows, consider visiting the games section of the PBS Kids website. This way, you also save yourself some money so you can afford to buy them the tech gifts they have on their wish list.

Communication Games

Furthermore, the best online children games also include communication games. After all, most parents want their kids to learn how to properly interact with other kids their age. Online video games offer children this opportunity. This type of game is just as crucial to children as client communication strategies are to businesses. Look for communication games with strict language policies so that your children play safely. Then, you will take advantage of one of the best children games.

The above is just a glimpse into some of the best children’s games out there. You have plenty of choice, from the Nancy Drew series to MySims, children’s computer games are fun and often highly educational.

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