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Top Android Dialer Apps With Caller ID And Visual Voicemail Features


Android phones are loved by many, and one of the most important factors to customers seems to be flexibility. With the Android, you can often replace default apps with third-party apps that have the features you want and need. For example, the Android dialer app is perfectly functional. However, others located in GooglePlay may have a significant number of benefits that the default dialer is currently missing. With an Android phone, you can replace the original Android dialer in favor of an app with more features, a better design or a cute style. If you do not care about the latest iPhone impact and instead want to learn more about some of the best Android dialer apps available for you, keep reading below.


Phone is the official Google app that acts as an Android dialer. This is one of the best Android dialer apps available. The app is incredibly intuitive and user friendly without any need for pesky voice and data cabling. The top dialer app also includes features for call blocking, caller ID and visual voicemail. However, the Phone app is only available to Android Mashmallow 6.0 users. If you want one of the best dialer apps with plenty of great features and have the most recent Android OS, consider the Phone app.


The Hangouts dialer is one of the best Android dialers out there. This app is an add-on to the Google messaging service Hangouts. If you frequently make phone calls within the US and Canada, this is a particularly great Android dialer for you. You can use the app to call within the US and Canada for free. This will definitely save you a lot of money on your phone bill. You should definitely consider downloading the Hangouts Android dialer app if you want to save money with free conference calling.


Contacts+ is the ultimate hub of dialer features and more for users obsessed with mobile engagement. If you just want to be able to call someone, this app works. However, you would probably get a lot more out of it if you made use of its fantastic extras. For example, Contacts+ allows you to integrate your online profiles so that you can view all of your contacts from everywhere. Additionally, it helps you block spam along with the usual Caller ID. If you want a dialer that does more than just call people, this one is for you.


Truecaller is a highly popular cool tech Android dialer that is focused on building a database of callers. When you use Truecaller, you will need to upload your address book to the server. Only “friends of friends” will have access to your contact numbers on the Truecaller database. However, you also have the option to list your personal information as “public” which is akin to being listed in the yellow pages. Once Truedialer has your information, it can continue to provide you with the ultimate contact service by blocking spam and identifying unknown numbers.


Drupe is the Android dialer for the everyday multi-tasker. This app supports a variety of messaging options including Google Hangout, WhatsApp and even Twitter DMs. If your conversations are generally spread over multiple messaging platforms, then Drupe is one of the tech gifts of your dreams. This way, you can access all of your conversations in one place. Drupe is a great third-party dialer app for those who want to integrate all of their messaging apps.

Ready Contacts + Dialer

If you want to replace your default Android dialer for aesthetic purposes, Ready Contacts + Dialer may be for you. This app is designed with a sleek look to help make your calling experience a little better. Your most used contacts are easily accessible, and you can use a fashionable snap-wheel to scroll quickly through your other contacts.

Zero Dialer

Unlike Drupe, Zero Dialer is all about minimalism. So if you love budget phones, this may be the solution for you. It is designed to be ready for use, so no customizing is necessary. Although it has a minimal design, Zero Dialer still offers some of the more useful features you can find in an app like this. One-handed mode, speed dial and call blocking are all sure to make your phone calls easier. It even supports multiple languages so that everyone can use the app.

KK Phone

KK Phone is another phenomenal Android dialer app. This app makes use of a sleek, minimal interface, making the number keypad easy to navigate and use for even the most technology inept individual. There are three tabs – speed dial, call log and contacts. You can even see a photo of the last person you dialed, so that you can quickly contact them again. If you want an easy to use, minimalist Android dialer, KK Phone is a great option.

The Android dialer may be good but there are other third-party apps out there that may be even better. Some users want to stick with the original, like TmoNews. However, others may want to branch out. If you are interested in branching out, consider downloading one of the top Android apps above.

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  1. Thanks for the great information.

  2. The descriptions of some of the apps are a bit difficult to follow; at least 2 highlighted apps featured limited info.

    I currently use Drupe & while the developers are apparently working to intergrate connections to various social media apps (WhatsApp, etc.), they have not yet implemented the options aside from a connection to one’s Twitter account.

    Drupe also features many different themes for personalization. It’s a simple, ad-free app that happens to offer more complex options.

    TrueCaller’s main selling point is its database consisting of members’ info for Caller ID & blocked numbers (i.e. telemarketers ID’d by members), but you have the ability to opt out if you’re only interested in customizing a dialer. It’s not the best option for a dialer-only experience (IMO), as it offers too many bells & whistles.

    Two addtional dialer apps not listed in your article are ExDialer & RocketDial, both of which are highly customizable for those seeking a dialer-only app.

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