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How The Best Authentication Sites Boost Security Levels

Authentication is the process of determining the validity of an online user’s identity. Whether they are an individual, entity or website, information can be authenticated in various ways to ensure that an online user is who they say they are. If you run a website for your business it is crucial to have user information authenticated. This is especially true if your company is similar to Foldershare and customers share a lot sensitive information there. This way, your information and that of your customers can be protected. Below are some of the top sites and companies that can help do just that.

TrustWave is a two factor authentication service dedicated to offering businesses easy and convenient solutions to customer information authentication. TrustWave is a cloud-based two factor authentication system. You can secure your business’ information across multiple secure networks and applications to protect your users. They offer several authentication systems that you can mix and match. Prices depend on what service or package you choose, but TrustWave boasts that they are a fraction of the cost of other authentication services. For an inexpensive authentication service that helps make the internet safer for users, consider TrustWave to protect your customers.

Authentify, founded in 1999, is a multi-factor authentication service made for businesses of all kinds. They offer a variety of customizable services to fit your business’ specific needs. You can use their services no matter whether you sell Macbook accessories or custom software. Authentify also offers interactive demonstrations so you can try before you buy. They even offer services by industry. You can determine what is best for your business based on whether you are involved in Health Care, Education or Financial Services. If you want a specialized authentication service for your business, remember that Authentify will allow you to determine exactly what you need.

Entrust is a privately held information security company based in Minnesota. Whether your business needs mobile security, website security or email security, Entrust has got you covered. Since you likely want the best encrypted email services and website protection solutions, this is crucial to look into. With dozens of resources to turn to for information, Entrust will ensure that you are educated about protecting your business and client information. They are an award-winning company that offers personal consultations with trusted advisors. This is useful in helping you to determine the right products and services for your website. If you want guidance on the authentication process, consider Entrust for an individual evaluation for your business.

Authy is another two-factor identification site. With Authy, user information can be authenticated simply over the phone with a seven digit pass code. Authy offers an extra layer of security in addition to passwords. You and your customers can feel safer browsing your business’ website. No worries about someone getting your info and later selling Twitter accounts with your information. Authy even offers extra ways to have information authenticated during high-value transactions. If your business sells luxury items online or handles expensive online accounts, Authy would be a great addition to your internet security.

When establishing a reputable business website it is always important to remember internet security. With the sites above, user information can be authenticated easily and quickly. That is exactly what you need when building trust with your customers. Protect their information and yours with the right authentication service for your needs.

To Keep Your Personal Info Safe

It does not take a masters in education to know that if you are looking to protect your customers, you should also remember to protect yourself. After you have made all these efforts to protect your customers, there are certain sites that should be first on your list to protect for yourself. We will list the most important sites for you to set up two-step verification, so you can ensure the safety of your personal information, including the most important – financial information.

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook

Unless you live under a rock, you are sure to have at least two accounts of the three listed above. If anyone were to have access to these particular authentication sites, they could easily score access to the most important parts of your person life, including financial and personal information. Be sure to set up the two-step authentication process for these accounts.

Amazon Two Factor Authentication

Unfortunately, Amazon is one of the few high-traffic websites that does not have some sort of 2 factor authentication process in place. This should be a bit worrisome for anyone with an Amazon Prime account. If this concerns you, there is something you can do. Visit the TwoFactorAuth website to tell Amazon to support 2FA, or 2 factor authentication. The nonprofit site makes it easy to do. All you will have to do is click a button and authorize access to your Twitter account. If you use Amazon, how do you feel about their lack of two factor authentication? Let us know in the comments below.

Facebook Two Factor Authentication

Unlike Amazon, Facebook does use two factor authentication. This is crucial in the tech world because so many tech enthusiasts use the social media platform. In fact, most post about their personal lives on Facebook newsfeeds and store family photos on it. You can easily set two factor authentication up on your desktop. Use it to your advantage to protect your sensitive information.

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