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Top Free Speech To Text Software Provides High Quality Transcriptions

Speech to text software is a type of program that translates audio content to the written word through a word processor or other display. This useful software may also be known as voice recognition software, because it allows users to speak and have their words transcribed into text. Software users will be glad to hear that there is a large variety of speech to text software available today that cost much less than Adobe Soundbooth. Some software options offer excellent quality transcriptions for no cost. To learn more about the best free speech to text software, keep reading below.


TalkTyper allows you to dictate text, and that is about it. However, this is the perfect tool for minimalists who just need a speech-to-text software that does just that. This software makes use of the Google Voice algorithms, making it a trustworthy service for consumers. Once you dictate your text, you can copy the text to your clipboard, email, tweet, print or translate it. If you need to do more complex tasks, you will need a more comprehensive speech to text software, like Accutype. But, if you need a bare bones, free speech-to-text software, consider trying out TalkTyper.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs has recently released a Voice Typing option for their online word processor metabase. If you are looking for something that you can easily integrate into your daily life, this may be the one for you. Google Docs users can now enjoy all of the convenience of a voice recognition program right from their document. All you have to do is click the microphone icon in the Google Docs toolbar and begin speaking. This speech to text software is excellent for anyone looking to save money.

Dictation Web App

Dictation is another great program that you can access online. Instead of having to download and install software onto your computer, Dictation allows you to operate their program from anywhere. Their built-in word processor will type out the words as you say them, so that you can immediately see the results. Another great benefit of this web app is that it has great new voice commands like “new paragraph” and “stop listening.” This allows you complete control of your transcriptions so you can be sure you getresponse from your written efforts. To access this useful program, simply install the web app on any Google Chrome browser.

Windows Voice Recognition

Many people do not realize that their laptops may already come with excellent speech recognition software. Windows Voice Recognition is a highly praised program alternative to GoogleX that comes free on any Windows computer. Not only does it allow you to control your computer with just your voice, but it will also allow you to turn your speech into a written document without any keyboard work. Once you set up your microphone, you can begin teaching your computer to recognize your specific speech patterns. For a free program with high end performance, Windows Voice Recognition is your answer.

Mac Enhanced Dictation

Windows is not the only computer brand with a built-in voice recognition program. Apple computers also have this handy tool in their repertoire. Their Enhanced Dictation feature is an option that allows you to use voice controls, even when your device is not connected to the internet. Then, you can choose from an extensive list of languages and dialects that help to ensure accurate voice recognition. If you are a Mac user, this software is readily available at no additional cost!

Speech to text software prices can vary greatly. While some cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, like the Oracle applications, others can be used by anyone for free. This is great news for software users who want an inexpensive alternative. Mac, Windows and Google each offer great speech to text software that you can easily find or install on your computer. The next time you want to transcribe a speech or conversation, consider one of these four readily-available options.

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