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Rapidly Growing IT Jobs For Techies To Start A Career In Tech


Jobs in the information technology field are growing at a rapid pace. They are currently among the best in terms of starting salaries and employment outlook. The main benefit of IT jobs is the scale of opportunity for most prospective employees. The level of employment for IT-related jobs is set to increase by nearly 10% in 2016. That number is consistent with increases in previous years. If you are interested in becoming an IT beginner, consider one of the jobs in this post. Here is a list of the top IT jobs.

Network Administrator

Network administrator jobs are a commonplace title in the IT sector. Network administrators are responsible for managing day-to-day operations of business networks. They help to keep everything running smoothly and troubleshoot problems when they arise, like the Premera data breach. These IT professionals made, on average, just under $80,000 a year. In addition, job outlook for network and computer systems administrators is 8%, which is just about average. If you want to start a career that you know you will not have to worry about job security with, consider becoming a computer systems administrator or network administrator.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analyst is consistently ranked one of the top IT jobs in the United States. The position commands a median salary of $82,710 and a maximum salary of $130,000. A career as a computer systems analyst is unique. The position is a combination of digital insight, IT and business. It requires you to utilize information technology skills in order to create more efficient computer systems for clients. Knowing the needs of your client is equally important. This is why computer systems analysts are so desired by employers. The versatility and strong salary range provided by systems analysts positions make it one of the top IT jobs out there.

Software Developer

Software developers are the contractors and innovators. They develop ideas and create the applications you use on a daily basis. A career as a software developer requires programming expertise and creativity. The position is in high demand due to the influx in new computer systems and mobile apps. The Bureau of Labor projects a 19% growth in employment opportunities for software developers. This is well above the average for other jobs in the IT field. With a respectable median salary of $95,510, software developer is one of the top IT jobs at this time for those who do not mind taking some lessons at the Coding Academy.

System Engineer

System engineers are exposed to a wide range of technologies and challenges. These professionals are typically responsible for providing technical support for all digital technology at a given business. In addition, they are also key players for participation in network implementations for a diverse range of client environments. You can expect to install, configure and trouble software and hardware, assist with network projects and implementations, configure directories and windows server administration, among many other tasks. Systems engineers require a high-level of technical knowledge, so this is an IT job in high demand.

IT Manager

Most IT managers have the technical skills needed to run standard IT functions. However, they are mostly responsible for supervising workers in the IT department of companies. These individuals coordinate technology-related matters, such as hardware upgrades or cloud security, with executives. The need for IT managers is growing in conjunction with the growth of IT jobs. Management opportunities are abundant as a result. This, coupled with the fact that they command an exceptional median salary of $127,640, makes IT manager one of the top IT jobs to have.

Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists are on the lower end of earned salaries. They earn a comparatively low median salary of $61,380. It is however, one of the top IT jobs for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it requires very little in terms of education. Although it certainly helps, you do not need a college degree in order to land a job. Despite this, it still has not entirely fallen victim to business outsourcing. Employers are more concerned with your level of competency. If you can prove that you have the necessary skills, you have the potential to become a computer support specialist. Also, computer support specialists are one of the fastest growing jobs in IT. The Bureau of Labor projects 12% growth. This is higher than the industry average. Computer support specialist is one of the best IT jobs to get your foot in the door.

IT Specialization

If you decide to become an IT professional, you are going to need to pick a field of specialization. Just as their are many Bitcoin sectors, there are also a number of IT specializations. Internet technologies has become an incredibly vast field, and it is impossible to be an expert in everything. IT jobs encompass roles that work with applications and management consulting, network systems and engineering and development, among several others. Consider what type of IT work you would like to be doing after pursuing a degree or certification.

Demand for IT professionals is growing at an exponential rate. Industry experts predict a near 30% increase in employment opportunities by 2020. IT jobs encompass a wide range of skills including analytics, customer support, management and software development. They command high starting salaries and guarantee further growth down the road. If you love learning technology and have an interest in starting a career in IT, consider one of the top IT jobs in this post.

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