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The Top 4 Jobs For Computer Science Graduates

There are a number of different things that often attract students towards the field of computer science. There are many misunderstandings about what the field actually entails, and the careers that it provides access to. The most common misapprehension that people have about computer science is it that it is similar to degrees which teach students how to program and develop software. In fact, computer science is actually about both the physical science, and the logical theories, that underpin how a computer works.

Computer science (CS) is about thinking analytically, while computer science graduates will need to learn to think analytically and be able to design the right programs and systems for particular situations. Computer science graduates should also be able to troubleshoot most of the more common general problems that are likely to arise during the use of everyday pieces of software. It calls upon a variety of different skills and offers numerous opportunities for choosing a career. In this article we take a look at some of the best careers that are open to any graduate of computer science.

Software Developer

This is the role that most of those who pursue a computing degree are ultimately hoping to work in. A software developer is responsible for developing custom software (obviously) but the job is an incredibly varied one. Designing software for one industry will be very different to designing software for the next, this level of variety is rare in a career and is part of the reason that being a software developer is such a popular career path to follow.

Database Administrator

Wherever there are large amounts of data being stored there will be a database. Effectively and efficiently managing databases isn’t as simple as many people assume. In fact, administrating a database requires either a team of administrators, or one dedicated individual, depending on the size of the database in question. The role of the database administrator is to take charge of the development of data resources and to ensure that the database is serving its function to the very best standard possible.

Computer Hardware Engineer

What really sets computer scientists apart from other computing professionals is their understanding of how the hardware inside a computer works. Consequently, one of the most lucrative jobs available to graduates of online masters in computer science degrees is that of a computer hardware engineer. These individuals are responsible for designing and overseeing the production of hardware components. Computer hardware engineers need to be able to demonstrate a combination of creativity and technical know-how.

Computer Systems Analyst

The role of a computer systems analyst is to assess the state of an organization’s computer systems and to ensure that it continues to runs at maximum efficiency. A systems analyst will recommend changes to hardware and will oversee the implementation of new software packages and updates. It the role of top IT jobs that requires regular and consistent contact between managers and employees, therefore systems analysts need good communications skills.

A computer science degree is a versatile degree which opens a number of different, lucrative career paths to graduates. Any of the jobs on this list will form an excellent foundation for pursuing a long term career working with computers in a variety of different settings.

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