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Kid Tracking Devices To Consider Buying For Ultimate Child Safety


It has been a long while since I’ve seen those child leashes in the mall. You know what I’m talking about. The parents who actually have a rope attached to their child so when they run around, they can just yank them back. Thankfully, technology has improved and parents are resorting to much more discrete methods of tracking their children.

With all the hype going on in wearable technology, like the new Apple Smart Watch and LG G Watch R, the industry is growing rapidly. Technology is becoming more integrated into our lives, without us realizing it. Instead of having to carry things around and actually think about the digital technology that we use, it is a part of what we wear or what we already carry. Perhaps, it will become so advanced that be technology will eventually become part of us (a little creepy). But for now, the point is to use technology that you do not realize is even there without actually being part of us.

Recently, there was commercial on GoPro Digital cameras that emphasize parents watching their children. However, the main point of the commercial was that a child actually knew there is a camera watching. It does not take too long to figure out where the digital cameras are and how to avoid it (or entertain it more). However, perhaps a new watch or bracelet would be seen as fun rather than another pair of eyes watching them.

Today, there are many GPS tracking devices for children. They allow parents to locate their child at anytime using simple GPS tracking technology wrapped in a nice watch, bracelet, keychain, etc. They range from pricey, high-tech and powerful to cheap, cute and cuddly. For parents who want to know where their kids are, at all times, here are the top kids GPS tracking devices.

kidsport GPS


Produced by Precise Innovation, the kids GPS tracking them features unique capabilities like A panic button that kids can push. Also, if the device is removed from the child’s arm, An alert will be sent to the parents android or Apple device. They are colorful and stylish for the little ones to wear around.

Trax Play

Trax CPS tracker is not a cheap kid tracking device. However, it does offer two years free service to give you peace of mind. The kid tracker device itself is just about $100. Then, after the first two years free, the service costs $5/month. This gps tracking device is offered by Wonder Technology Solutions. The Trax Play tracker lets your retrieve signal with a Trax smartphone app. This simplifies things for anxious parents.

Securus eZoom


This is a multiuse GPS tracking device. It is small enough to be placed in the child’s backpack or jacket pocket. On your local device, you can receive updates for your child leaving designated safe zones or traveling at high speeds (perhaps in a car ride). If you happen to have a teenager at home, you might want to toss this in the backseat of the family vehicle.

Child Tracker Watch & Locator Device


This child tracker comes in the form of a bracelet or keychain. Not only is it simple and easy to use, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranty. You can find it on Amazon from the Kid So Safe company, specializing in high-quality child safety and tracking products.

Amber Alert GPS

$220.00 + service

One of the higher priced kids tracking safety devices, the Amber Alert GPS does the usually tracking and has similar “safe zone” alerts. Even more uniquely, it has the king ability to alert you if your child comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offenders residence. Additionally, it has a SOS button for immediate help. The only thing this device does not have is a mini camera!

Spark Nano 4.0 GPS Tracker


Made by Brick House Security, this GPS tracker is highly equipped for location alerts, Travel reports and a panic button. It also has a unique one minute update frequency with a large battery for up to 24 hours A continuous tracking.


$149.95 + service

This GPS tracking device includes your live tracking, safe zone alerts and speed limit monitoring. Unique aspect here is the ability to view up to 60 days of history. This is even more impressive than the Watchkit. The reporting and tracking can be adjusted up to every two minutes.

5Star Urgent Response

$49.99 + service

In addition to having GPS tracking, this device features an actual emergency response system. The response system not only alerts users but also response agents with a specific button. Although it is probably a little stacked with features for a child, the 5Star Urgent Response tracker may be a good option for multi-use in families. For example, if you are also caring for an elderly loved one at home.

Apple/Android Device

$49-$999 + app

The GPS Location Tracker, Life360 and Canary apps, available on most app stores, provides parents with mobile tracking. They show a range of current and past locations of the device, time tracking, VoIP calls and messaging and driving behavior reports (for the older ones). Using a device with one of these apps would be perfect for the child asking for a new device. Simply, install it and let it run in the background. While it is less obvious than it watch, an iPhone, iPod or iPad Mini, it is also cooler for the kids to have and use. Just be careful, for the young ones, you may want to go with an old iPod for sale on Craigslist. So, if the device gets dropped, soaked, stepped on or lost, it will not break the bank. While some of us adults have trouble keeping track of our own new iPhone 6s, we can not expect our children to be that responsible just yet.

hereO GPS

$149 + service

This digital watch helps parents track kids in a unique way. It shows the real-time location of the child while also emphasizing family communication within the app. Similar to safety zones, parents can create a customized virtual fence to alert them when the kid leaves that area. The watch also incorporates a SIM card to be used in over 120 countries. The battery lasts 50 hours between charges. Finally, it is also designed for durable and waterproof uses. This tracking device is prepared for the most active children.

Sync smartband


To be released in February 2015, the Sync smartband is available for preorder at $79, then price will rise to $99. In addition to tracking children with a cool looking wristband, it also works like a FitBit, tracking steps and activity. It has location tracking with alerts, as you would expect. It also does not require a cell phone carrier, but only works within 150 feet using the bluetooth connection. Do your due diligence to decide if this is the child tracking device for you.

Local Child Locator


Similar to the Sync smartband, I would also like to mention an easy device for tracking children in crowds. If you do not need a robust GPS child tracker device, you can simply use a child locator that works at the push of a button. There are child locators that will that you push a button to sound an alarm on your child anywhere within a 150 feet  distance. Some of the popular ones are the Toddler Tag and Giggle Bug.



This kid tracking device is a wristband that can be worn by children. It also them to speak with up to 12 people and has very modern design and style. The main feature is the ability to track the GPS location in live time. Of course, it’s great for kids but may be a little on the expensive side for parents.

Clearly, there are a lot of kid tracking devices available on the market. They can be used for babies, toddlers, children, teens and almost anyone else in the family. While budgets and requirements may differ, these devices help you track your child’s location.

Which one is the best? That’s really up to you. Do you want location history, safe zones or digital health tracking included? Will your child wear this all the time? Are you getting it for a specific trip the fair, amusement park or sporting event? Or, do you want notifications of your child’s proximity to a registered sex offenders residence?

It is great to have so many options at our fingertips. If you take the time to pick out the best device for your family, it can help keep your loved ones close and safe. To help support parents everywhere, please share this post once you are done selecting the right device for you. It could help a child be a lot safer than before.

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