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5 Top Mobile Apps to Help Students Succeed In Studying

What does every student need while studying? How can you answer? Logically to assume, there are lots of necessary skills that one should master to succeed, however, one thing – productivity should be present at all times. Productivity pretty much affects every sphere of life. Without it, you cannot recruit your willpower to accomplish the assignment. The same, you cannot survive without it during the exam period. Luckily for students, and thanks to the technology era, your productivity can be boosted with the help of mobile apps.

Below, you will see a list of top apps that based on students’ feedback may greatly assist lazybones and just those who experience some temporary difficulties. This list was recommended by professional essay writers from Custom Writings whose goal is to take care of academic writing online. Looking ahead, one more tip for students with very tough deadlines, and complex assignments. You, guys, can buy a paper for college. No jokes, students may proceed with buying custom online essays at affordable prices. Such writing ordered from experts will help to recover poor studying progress. Now, let’s go for the apps.

Google Drive

You are most likely to use it every day or at least from time to time. Yet, how do you use it? Probably, there are photos, videos of your personal life. No worries, but you can also use it for studying purposes. Instead of creating a folder on your desktop screen, create a cloud folder that will protect all your gathered materials from computer issues. You can download your essays or e-books, and then even share them directly with other students or professors. This is similar to thumb drives. However, the cloud-based functionality allows you to access it anywhere you have internet connection.


The best syncing and writing app for students who are not in the mood of writing with pens. This app is known for the opportunity to sync all your noted information across multiple devices. For instance, you wrote an essay using your tablet with keyboard, and can after re-read it using the smartphone. It helps to boost your productivity in the way of collecting all your key quotes, sentences, and highlighted information without missing a thing.

Math Study Apps

Experience some difficulties with Math? Yes, there are always some complicated problems that require urgent solutions. You can use an app that helps to solve any mathematical calculation in no time. Moreover, it does not simply give you the answer but may also provide you with an online guide that tells you in detail how it was all solved. Still, do ensure to double-check every answer because Math apps just hint at answers, while you can solve the problem in another way. Alternatively, you can try a homeschool app to improve your math skills as well.

Oxford Dictionary

Do not think this app is only for translators and those who are involved in regular writing. It helps every student to come across new terms, and synonyms to words that could be plagiarized. For instance, you wrote an essay but the best plagiarism checkers showed its poor uniqueness. No trouble, try to substitute some words with terms found in the Oxford Dictionary. Or, this app will help you make your writing language more beautiful rather than poor with – good, bad, okay words.

Language Apps

This app is a miracle for students who want to learn learn languages online or boost the vocabulary of the currently learned one. It features lots of languages for any liking and preferences. You daily have to pass tests that are concentrated on grammar, spelling, pronunciation among others. If practicing daily, you are awarded some online prizes and free vocabulary.

That’s pretty it. By downloading any of the above-mentioned apps, you can greatly affect different soft skills including concentration, problem-solving, alongside communication when you experience language barriers. Some of them are fully free of charge, so you do not throw money down the drain. The exception falls only on additional features that you may buy if you want to.

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