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Top Toughbooks Products To Buy For Most Extreme Work Environments


Toughbooks are Panasonic’s line of rugged electronics made to withstand drops, spills, extreme temperature and rough handling. If you run a business that requires constant on-site communication across a variety of environments, these durable products are a bit more modern than 2 way radios in digital style. Below are just some of the makes, models and variations of Toughbooks that can benefit your business.


The Toughbooks line started out with mobile computers and has expanded to other forms of technology since. The original laptop has come a long way since its creation in 1996. Today, Toughbook laptops can withstand high levels of dust and water exposure as well as extremely hot or cold environments, unlike even the best headphones under 100. Furthermore, they can even survive drops from up to 6′. Toughbook laptops are also made to be easy to read outdoors. They come with a variety of features including touch screen capability, wireless LTE and wifi. Remember this the next time you bring a laptop out onto the job. You may find that the added durability will bring you some peace of mind.


Following the success of their laptops, Toughbooks came out with a line of tablets. These tablets come in a variety of sizes, ranging from as small as 7 inches to as large as 20 inches. Like the laptops, these tablets will withstand rain, rough handling and the occasional drop. Although they are tough, these tablets do not skimp out when it comes to high-quality technology. With 1080pi resolution and long life batteries you can be sure that these tablets are just as high-quality while being much more durable than other business tablets. Toughbooks are best known for their laptops, so it is important to do your research about other options that may be more convenient for your business.


If you want the portability of a tablet and the convenience of a laptop, Toughbooks has a 2-in-1 option for you. Panasonic’s 2-in-1 Toughbooks line features laptops that can be converted into tablets with a twist of the screen. The 3 options currently available range from Fully Rugged to Semi-Rugged, just like the BASICS wallet.This way you can choose how durable they need to be according to your work environment. The 2-in-1s contain all of the ports and expansions desired in a laptop, while the swiveling screen provides the compactness of a tablet. If your business needs change on occasion, Toughbooks 2-in-1 options may be the solution for you.


One of the most important gadgets for on-site communication is phones, regardless of whether you use VoIPlink services or traditional telephone systems. Toughbooks has a line of handhelds that are made to last. With four different models to choose from, Toughbooks provides you with military-grade durability and easy communication. The handhelds contain apps for email, weather, photos and more. These phones have all of the features of a regular handheld locked inside of a magnesium alloy case. When you need to keep in contact with your crew easily during tough jobs, remember that Toughbooks can help.

Toughbook Laptop Models

If you are considering purchasing a Toughbook laptop, there are several models available, and all will work perfectly with whatever affordable removable media devices you use.

Toughbook 31

The Toughbook 31 is perfect for those who need a laptop that can handle all the extremest conditions. This laptop model includes a touch screen designed to be visible, even in the most bright outdoor conditions.

Toughbook 54

The Toughbook 54 laptop model is the thinnest Toughbook laptop available, with a 1080 FHD display. This model is considered “semi-rugged,” so it cannot hold quite the same beating as a Toughbook 31.

Toughbook 53

This Toughbook is considered their “entry-level” model. The 53 is a notebook built for professionals, with an outdoor-friendly touch screen clocking in at fourteen inches. This is not nearly as rugged as the other models, so this may be something to keep in mind. However, it is still a great device to help you convert PSD to PDF and complete other simple tasks.

Toughpad FZ-G1

Toughbooks also produces several models in a line of Toughbooks tablets. The Toughpad FZ-G1 is one of the most rugged, durable tablets you will find on the market today. The Windows tablet is designed to withstand drops, dust and water while you are on-the-go. The Toughpad also includes exciting features, such as a glove sensitive touch screen and integrated RFID. If you are looking for a rugged tablet that can withstand anything, anywhere, at any time, the Toughpad is one to consider.

Refurbished Toughbooks

There are also refurbished Toughbooks available online. If you need to shop on a tight budget, refurbished Toughbooks devices are the best way to go. These devices will still offer the most recent Windows 10 review software for half the price. You can find them available on an e-retailer like Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff. Or, you can inquire at your nearest Toughbooks retailer. They are sure to have refurbished laptops available. If you need to stay under budget, consider shopping for refurbished Toughbooks instead of brand new devices.

The Toughbooks line by Panasonic can be incredibly useful for a variety of business industries. Whether you want your construction crew to have access to blueprints on a durable tablet, or you need a phone to withstand the harshest hurricane for your local weatherman, Toughbooks has a variety of gadgets that can suit your need to access promiscuous mode functions on the go.

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