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Top Software To Translate A Document Accurately In Any Language

Translation software is a computer program that performs the translation of a document from one language to another while still maintaining the logic and function of the previous language. If you are looking to translate a document, you may want to forego Google Translate. Instead, choose from one of these 5 reliable software programs that will help you translate a document, whether it is a list of rejection phone numbers or a legal business document, from a variety of languages with ease and accuracy.


Babylon is one of the top translation software services available. This program can translate a document from a selection of 77 languages. In addition to documents, Babylon also offers tools for human voice and full text translations. This would be great to integrate with VoIPlink. Compatible with Mac devices, Babylon is the software solution for any user that needs a variety of languages at their finger tips.

Microsoft Word

You probably did not know it, but Microsoft Word also has translation services since the latest Windows anniversary updates. You can translate a document in its entirety on Microsoft Office. To translate a document in Microsoft Word, click on the Review tab. Then, in the Language group click Translate and then Choose Translation Language. When you get to that menu under Choose Document Translation Languages, change the Translate from and Translate to fields to the languages you want. Then click OK. Translating a document with Microsoft Word is as simple as that.


LEC is a language company that developed the Power Translator. Choose between French, Dutch, Mandarin and more with this translation software. Users looking for multi platform integration will be happy to hear that LEC’s Power Translator also provides mobile services so that you can translate on the go. Additionally, their desktop software can analyze and translate PDFs along with JPEGs and most image files. This is a great option for someone who wants to help reading text on images.


Smartling is dedicated to providing an accurate language solution to its users. This program contains a translation management software that is supplemented with human translation. To get the most out of your experience, Smartling allows you to enjoy a fully localized experience. This does not require a Free SmartFTP connection. Their linguistic asset management tool is just one way that you can get the guaranteed best results from their translation service. If you need something reliable, consider Smartling to translate a document.


Systran is the advanced solution many users need. They offer a total of 15 different languages that can be mixed and matched with your choice of a base language to create 52 pairs. They offer both consumer and business level software that is sure to suit your needs. All popular file formats are supported, so you can be sure that this software will be able to translate a document for you. If you want something that is simple and easy to use day-to-day, this is the program for you.


LinguaTec offers much more than simple text translation. With a variety of language pairs to choose from, you will surely find what you are looking for in this speedy software. LinguaTec is designed for business users, with three different subscriptions available. Whether you are an Intranet or Mirapoint Professional user, this software will make language easy. In addition to text, this program also contains a voice reader so that you can actually hear how different words should be pronounced. For someone who is looking to do more with language, consider this software solution.

If you are looking to translate a document about digital candystorms, there are a variety of software solutions available for you. From business-focused programs like Systran and LinguaTec to more consumer-friendly options like Babylon and LEC’s Power Translator, you are sure to find what you are looking for.  Use one of these excellent software programs to translate a document and see how accurate the technology can truly be.

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