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At-Home Geek Squad Services For Tech Installation And Troubleshooting


The Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy. Geek Squad provides technological services in-store, online and on-site. One of their most useful services is the Geek Squad Speed Test. This service allows you to test your wireless network broadband speed. However, if your connection seems to be running slower than normal, you may want to find a solution. If you want to see how you can improve your broadband speed using the Geek Squad Speed Test, see below for some helpful tips.

Test Your Connection

If your computer seems to be running slowly, the first thing you must do is test your internet connection. The Geek Squad Speed Test is a simple, reliable way to gauge how fast your broadband speed is. When you utilize the Geek Squad Speed Test, they will check your connection in a variety of ways. They will test your download and upload speeds based on mega bytes per second. The Geek Squad Speed Test will also check your firewall and latency. Once you have completed the Geek Squad Speed Test, you should have a better idea about where your broadband connection is lacking, which will help you figure out how to increase bandwidth for your device.

Check Your Computer Settings

Sometimes your computer settings are not always optimized for the fastest internet connection. In order to increase your internet connection, try to fiddle with the settings. If you are unsure of where to start, try the free TCP Optimizer for Windows. This program will adjust your settings automatically so that you can enjoy a faster internet connection without the hassle. This is an easy step you can take to improve your broadband speed.

Update Your Browser

If you are accessing the internet via an outdated browser, your problem may be as simple as clicking “update.” Whether you are on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, your browser needs to be kept up to date in order to run efficiently. Check your browser settings. Make sure that you are using the latest version. You can also try clearing your browser history, cookies and downloads. It is possible that something on your browser is causing the problem. Make these small changes and then test your internet connection again with the Geek Squad Speed Test. You may seen an improvement.

Call Tech Support

If you have made these simple changes and your Geek Squad Speed Test results still come up short, it may be time to call in some professionals. The Geek Squad is one among many tech service companies that can help you increase internet speed for your device. If it is a problem with your computer, the Geek Squad can surely fix it over the phone or on-site. If it is a problem with your Wi-fi, you may want to speak to your service provider. Regardless, calling in reinforcements will help get the job done efficiently.

Other Geek Squad Services

If you need more than just a speed test for your computer, the Geek Squad still has you covered. In addition to internet speed tests, they also offer home theater installation services, device repairs, in-home device setup, virus and spyware removal and in-store data recovery and hardware repair, among many others. You can even call them up for help with something as simple as Google mail. No matter what device needs repair or protection, the Geek Squad can help you out.

Geek Squad Protection

Geek Squad also offers warranties for your Best Buy purchases. You can protect your devices from damage of all kinds by extending your warranty with this Geek Squad service. Protect and Support Plus gives users peace of mind for their computer or tablet. Warranty holders have access to round the clock support for setup, Windows anniversary updates, viruses and anything else you can imagine. In addition, they have coverage for accidental drops and spills and replacement for failed batteries, unlike the competition. If you do not mind spending the extra cash, Geek Squad warranty offers are a great thing to take advantage of.

The Geek Squad Speed Test is an excellent resource for internet users who want to maximize their broadband connection. However, there are also other resources available for webcam security and much more. If you do not like the way your computer is running, there are plenty of steps that you can take at home to solve the problem. Then, if you are still disappointed with your broadband speed you can always call Geek Squad for some extra assistance.

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