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How To Turn Website Into App In Five Different Ways

Developing a web application takes years of work. Whether you have a simple website or complex online web application, developers put countless hours into their projects. However, your time spent at the coding academy could be for all web development. You might be at a loss for mobile applications. If you want to expand your web application, the next logical step is to create a mobile app. You can achieve this by converting your web application into a mobile app. Keep reading to learn how to turn website into app smoothly.

Hire A Mobile App Developer

Probably the most simple option, you can hire a mobile app developer who will convert your website into a mobile app. Usually app developers already know the ins and outs of getting approved on the Apple and Android app stores. An iOS or Android app developer can take all the content from your website and transfer it into a mobile app. Then, they can sync updates so that both platforms work together. Surely, a specialized developer can turn your website into an app.

Website To App Conversion Tools

Secondly, you can subscribe to a tool that will convert your website into a mobile app. These tools can either cost a one time fee or monthly fee from $30/mo to $1000+/mo. It really depends on the types of features, updates and configurations you want on your website to mobile app. Many tools work with the most popular website platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These website to app tools could save you thousands of dollars in upfront costs of getting a mobile app developer. However, you should still be prepared to pay for the website conversion platform.

Website Converting Service

Next, there are companies that are entirely dedicated to taking web application to native mobile apps. These companies will work alongside your current development team. They will provide a project manager and quality assurance engineer to create customized solutions for your mobile app. To save on costs, they try to integrate as much of the underlying web technology as they can into the app. This is a smart strategy if you have already developed a complex web application that could be re-purposed as a mobile app.

Mobile App Builders

If you have used a website builder in the past, you might already understand how a mobile app builder can turn your website into an app. These builders give you the ability to create mobile apps using drag and drop technology. Even if you have advanced development skills, the easy app building platforms could save you plenty of time and resources. You can easily integrate different types of media, features and social interactions. If you are planning on turning a website to app status, you may want to consider an app builder.

Browser Stand Alone Apps

Additionally, you can show your users how to convert your website into app format by using a browser apps. Recently, different browsing apps allow users to create standalone websites from apps. You simply just enter the url of the website and turn a website into an app. The platform does everything for your users and the app is right there on their phone. This requires no development on your end and can get even more people using your web platform as an app.

Developers should explore these methods to turn website into app platforms. Depending on your budget and resources, you can consider everything from a full time app developer to a simple free program for your users. Or, you can always choose something in the middle by using a website to app tool or mobile app builder. Using these methods will allow you to get on the home screen of your users’ ZTE Zmax pro and into the top mobile app stores.

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