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4 Types Of Website Content To Create With Screen Recording

Do you want to come up with videos that you can publish as content on your website? Before you whip out your camera, have you ever considered using screen recording to capture video footage instead?

Contrary to popular belief, screen recording can be used to create a wide range of content – all of which can be recorded right on your computer itself. If you’d like some ideas, there are a few types of content in particular that you could create:

How-To Guides And Tutorials

As the most popular use of screen recording, odds are you probably know how innately suited it is to create how-to guides and tutorials for digital products. If there’s any type of tutorial that requires you to show people how to perform actions on a computer, mobile device, or within a software – screen recording will let you record the footage that you need without too much video editing.

How-to guides are one of the most popular forms of content for good reason, and using screen recording to create some for your website should be a good option.


While how-to guides let you show people how to perform a particular action or task, demonstrations instead display the capabilities and features of a software, online platform, or any other digital product. Once again you can turn to screen recording to capture the footage of the product as well as its features.

Demonstration videos are best suited as content on websites that are promoting the product. It should be designed to provide information and should fully take advantage of visuals to ‘show’ the features and capabilities of the product.


Rather than recording an interview in-person, conducting it as a video call that you record with screen recording is more convenient – for both you and the interviewee. In fact it actually makes this type of digital content a lot more viable, as it is far easier to schedule a short interview online.

Good interviews make for great website content, and if you’re able to interview an expert that your website visitors recognize they’ll undoubtedly appreciate it. Remember however that interviewing people is an art – and you’ll need to brush up on it.

Discussion Panels

Similar to interviews, you can host discussion panels via video conference calls and record it with screen recording. For some topics it may even help to have a video that provides multiple perspectives.

Be sure to moderate the discussion itself so that it doesn’t become too chaotic. A bit of editing can help as well to tidy up parts of it later and make it more focused.

As you can see if you’re able to video capture on Mac or PC directly from a screen there are a lot of different types of content that you can create. The best part is all you really need is a screen recorder, such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac for example. Make no mistake there are other types of content that you can create with screen recording as well, but the ones listed above should provide you with ample options to get started.

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