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All You Need To Know About Endpoints Management To Begin IT Career


If you are a beginner in IT, you may occasionally come across some terminology that you do not understand, like the abstraction definition. Most of it can be extraordinarily complex, but there are some tech terms so simple that you can grasp the concept in seconds. Below are some of those super simple tech terms that you need to know.


Endpoints is a term that can appear in a variety of tech definitions and phrases. That is because the term endpoints represents a vast majority of what the average person associates with technology. Essentially, endpoints are Internet-capable hardware devices, like the all in one PC. This means that endpoints are phones, tablets and laptops, among other things. It is a simple term that encapsulates many devices. Some more unique endpoints include printers, point-of-sale terminals and smart readers. The next time you see the word “endpoint,” remember that it is just a representation of any device that can connect to the internet. If you can properly use this tech term, you are well on your way to understanding a whole host of others.

Endpoint Management Solutions

Endpoints often require specific software solutions for enterprise management purposes, just like a file system does. That is where endpoint management software comes in. These solutions help professionals track inventory, deploy apps or patches, monitor devices and manage devices much easier. These solutions help to simplify the process of managing endpoints for an enterprise.


Unlike endpoints, the term cloud endpoints represents a much more abstract side of technology. While endpoints represent the hardware, cloud computing focuses on data or information that is saved on virtually accessible servers. The cloud is named as such because information on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere. The name perfectly captures the concept of tangible information in a nebulous form. Unlike information that is stored directly on a computer, cloud data can be reached over the Internet. You will have most likely heard this term before, but now you have a more complete understanding of what the cloud really is.


Application is another common-use tech term that you may not understand. Applications or apps are the shortened terms for application programs. An application program is a program that is designed to perform a specific function for the user, like creating digital storyboards. Applications are utilized on endpoints such as phones, tablets and laptops. Some application examples include word processors, web browsers and even development tools. If you have used a computer or phone, you have inadvertently utilized an application. This should make you feel more comfortable with the terminology because you have already successfully used it in practice! Now that you know what an application really is you will be able to recognize it and maybe even build your own someday.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another simple tech term that can seem intimidating to beginners, much like cloud storage. The term augmented reality itself provides an insight into what it is. Augmented reality is a live view of a physical, real-world environment that is supplemented by a computer. The most common example of augmented reality today would be Niantic’s Pokemon Go app. This app allows players to use their cell phones (endpoints!) to catch virtual creatures in the real world. Now that you have learned about this simple tech term you are ready to go out and catch some Pokemon yourself!

Mobile Endpoint Management

Recently, mobile endpoint management has merged with identity management. That has led to some IT firms managing data, identity and access to services, not a physical mobile device. According to some influential industry insiders, that makes endpoint device management irrelevant. Organizations should not be concerned with just mobile endpoint management as it relates to a particular device or data security. This is because it will not actually be addressing the management of things that actually enable secure mobile productivity. If you are familiar with endpoint management, consider learning more about how you can migrate to a more effective, holistic approach to security.

Endpoints News

This is not to be confused with the popular website, Endpoints News. This online newsletter can be delivered to your Google mail account and provides subscribers with independent news reports and analyses regarding top global biotech and pharmaceutical R&D, or research and development. Endpoints News covers topics like business deals, buyouts, corporate reorganizations to FDA actions and even the latest clinical data on the most promising drugs. If you are interested in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, genomics or healthcare and business, consider reading this publication.

IT terminology can be intimidating for many beginners and, at points, may even seem like filler text nonsense. Thankfully, terms like endpoints, cloud and applications are not too complex to understand. It is good to start off with these simpler terms so that you can soon move on to learning about more complex concepts.

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