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5 Unexpected Places You Will Find An RFID Tracker

RFID Tracker devices can be found in many unexpected places. In fact, it is likely that you have stumbled upon one in your day to day life. RFID is an acronym for radio frequency identification. This technology stores digital data in a small tracking tag. This information is then captured by a reader using radio waves. In many ways, these trackers are similar to barcodes. The benefit of RFID trackers, however, is that they can be read out of a scanner’s line of sight. From unique applications to expensive watches, RFID tags can be found almost anywhere. Because of this, they have widespread real-world applications. Here are some unexpected places you will find an RFID tracker.

Event Badges

Have you ever been to a business conference? If so, you have likely come into contact with an RFID tracking device. These trackers are being used to track attendees at trade shows, conferences, and other corporate functions. RFID trackers are embedded into the badges necessary to gain entrance into these events. Strategically placed RFID readers and antennas track the location of these badges as attendees visit booths, seminars and other events. This helps improve floor layouts and gives real time information about traffic flow. RFID trackers are also embedded into concert and music festival entry wristbands. This makes it easier to verify tickets. It also eliminates the need for registration lines at the entrances. RFID technology is embedded into event badges to manage the movement of attendees.


You can also find an RFID tracker in your passport. Most newly issued passports contain a chip called an ePassport. This RFID chip contains biometric information used to authenticate the identity of the passport holder. These RFID-protected passports are essential tech travel gadgets you will need for every trip. The information stored on this chip varies based on country of origin.These RFID trackers usually contain a person’s name, date of birth, nationality, and a version of their photograph. These verification chips contain important passport data as well. This includes the number, country issues, and the expiration data. These integrated systems integrate facial or fingerprint recognition into their biometric identification procedures. Passports contain an RFID tracker to improve identification systems.


Another unexpected place where you will find an RFID tracker is in a sticker. Many companies are utilizing this technology to create simple tracking products for consumers. These stickers allow you to tag your important items and connect them to an app on your device. This app will then send you an alert when your item moves out of a specific range. RFID tracking stickers are great for finding lost items and preventing theft. These low-cost stickers are approximately the size of a quarter. You can stick them to your phone, briefcase, laptop, or luggage. Are you constantly misplacing your keys? RFID tracking stickers ensure that they can easily be found. Embedding RFID chips into stickers makes it easy for consumers to locate lost items.


RFID trackers are also commonly used to identify individual products. One of the most notable products that contain these chips are high-end guitars. World-famous guitar makers have embedded thousands of instruments with an RFID tracking device. These small devices contain information that uniquely identifies each guitar. The IDs contained in these chips can be read by police, guitar dealers, and repair shops. Repair technicians can easily identify specifics on the make and model of each instrument. This enabled them to order the right parts for repairs easily. These chips are also helpful for theft investigations. When a guitar is stolen, police officers can quickly identify who the real owner is. Guitar makers are embedding RFID chips into their instruments for identification purposes.

Casino Chips

If you frequent casinos, chances are you have recently held an RFID tracker in your hand. Casino owners are embedding RFID tags into their poker chips. This allows the house to track how much money gamblers are spending and where. This information is also used for other analytical purposes. For example, it allows the house to serve you well-timed drinks. High-rolling chips, in particular, are almost always embedded with an RFID tracking chip. Not only are these used for tracking spenders but they are essential to help casino owners prevent theft. Another unique application for RFID tracking devices is in casino chips.

RFID trackers have numerous practical applications. These trackers use futuristic mobile technologies in order to identify locations across many devices. They are, for example, essential for tracking the movement of attendees at large events. RFID trackers are also embedded into passports to authenticate the identify of passport holders. Additionally, companies are selling stickers that contain RFID chips to help consumers locate their household items. Guitar manufacturers also put chips into their instruments to identify each product uniquely. Casino owners track gamblers’ spending habits by putting RFID trackers into their poker chips. These are just a few of the unexpected places you will find an RFID tracker.

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