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Where To Buy Unique USB Drives With Enough Storage For All Your Files



USBs, or USB flash drives, are data storage devices that you can carry around in your pocket. They usually come in black, white or gray in the form of a little stick that you can plug into your computer. However, sometimes you may get bored of those few options. They are not quite as cool as curved screen smart TVs, are they? But some people have now turned USB drives into works of art, which is certainly a nice change of pace.

Artistic USBs

An artist by the name of Rob Smith is looking to change to face of flash drives for the better. Smith devotes over 12 hours to each thumb drive to turn them into beautiful steampunk art. He embellishes each unique USB with interior parts from pocket watches. Then he uses those parts to design each individual USB drive as a reminder of simpler times in history. These artsy gadgets make you resent your Scanlon flash drive a little bit, don’t they?

Novelty USBs

If you are looking for unique USBs that hearken back to simpler times, consider the NES Controller 16GB flash drive. You can find the item on Etsy for a whopping $50 bucks. However, it may be worth the pricetag if you are a gamer who loves the old school gaming systems. The device looks exactly like an old NES controller. But you may need another device with additional storage. 16GB may not be enough space for your needs if you convert psd to pdf often. But who cares with a USB as cool as this one?

Food USBs

If you are a food fanatic in search of a unique USB, there are plenty of options out there. From a lime green Gatorade USB drive, to a Yoplait Fiber One USB spoon, you can satisfy your food cravings for tech with a plethora of tasty options. If you love Taco Bell, you will love a Border Sauce USB drive, complete with accurate crinkling around the edges. You can buy a soda can USB, or even a bottle opener USB that actually works. You can have a cold beverage while saving all your important heat maps images. If you want unique USBs that look delicious, try one of these foodie USB options.

If you want to spice up your data storage, treat yourself to a few novelty USBs from a robot factory, or just one of these cool vendors.


Amazon is the mecca of novelty items that you can buy with just one click. Search “Novelty USB Flash Drive” and you will find an array of cute and colorful USBs that you will not mind leaving on your desk. Your new USB may even act as decoration when it is not in use. Choose from a shark, a sushi roll, a pineapple or Iron Man. Or you could just buy them all! These USBs can all double as toys and decor which will make your data storage tons of fun.

Best Buy

Best Buy has a wide selection of your run-of-the-mill USBs, but they also have some fun novelty ones too, in addition to their selection of cool geek t-shirts. Best Buy USBs feature some of your favorite cartoon characters, like Tweety Bird and Fred Flinstone.They can even double as a cool key chain so that you will always know where your data is. Prices range from $3.99 to $25.99 depending upon the character and amount of storage. You can surely find a USB to fit your style and budget at Best Buy.


Zazzle is an online store that connects designers with customers. Anyone can submit a design for everything from t-shirts to USBs. Zazzle is a great place to find novelty USBs because each design is unique and allows you to protect your data just like SlashID. With wooden USBs featuring cute characters and monogrammed designs starting at $14.95, Zazzle has the best selection of USBs you can customize. Once you have your name painted onto your flash drive by a talented artist you will surely treasure it forever.


Mimoco is another online retailer that has a variety of wacky designs available for your USBs. Their specialty is little figurine USBs that would look very interesting lining the side of your desk. Show off your favorite superhero with their Batman flash drive. Or, choose a character from their many Star Wars USBs. They even have an Albert Einstein figure. His big brain is sure to guarantee you lots of storage space. Prices range from $16.99 for 8GB of storage to $69.99 for 64GB of storage. Mimoco’s USBs are so popular that they even sell limited edition designs. Consider these if you are looking for something a little more luxury to keep up with all those Windows 10 updates.

Custom USB

If you want to buy fun USBs for your business, Custom USB has a variety of customization ready drives available to you in orders of 25 or more. You can design everything yourself, from the capacity to the material to a special brand or monogram. You will find that data storage just became a lot more fun. If you do not want to go through the hassle of creating your own design do not worry. They sell ready-made flash drives, too. Either way, you may prefer this option if you are interested in buying in bulk.

With so many awesome figures and designs available, how could you ever want to use boring USBs? Especially since they take away the need for one Kickstarter project’s aim to make all printers wireless printers. Whether it is customized with your name or just a special reminder of your favorite cartoon character, novelty USBs are available to you. With these vendors, USBs can be just as fun as they are useful. Why not start shopping now?

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