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Live In The Moment Tools To Improve Mindfulness And Communication

We have all been guilty of looking at our phones while with other people. Some of us are more guilty than others. In some friendships and relationships, it has become a point of concern and resentment. You might be able to relate if you have heard the any of the following phrases:

  • “Get off your phone!”
  • “I’m right here, who are you talking to?”
  • “Can you just be here please?”
  • “You’re always on your phone.”
  • “Pick your head up please.”

Whether it is you doing the telling or getting told, paying too much attention to mobile devices, just to Google best headphones under 100 or browse their Facebook newsfeed for the hundredth time, has become a major problem. People everywhere have been making efforts to fix this through communication and simple fixes. For example, people at dinner will put their phones in the middle of the table to keep everyone present. If someone reaches for their phone first, they also get to pay the bill!

Not Alone but Lonely

Okay, so that might be a good solution. But, a new smart phone app will seek to add another element to staying present. Instead of using fear as a motivator, it will allow users to put their phones together and create something. What does it create? The longer the phones are together, the app creates a growing tree. It is pretty cool and something that can be shared with friends and family.

What Can This App Help?

If you are one of those people who struggle with constantly looking at your Facebook news feed, latest Twitter updates or Instagram posts, then this app would be a great help to you. It could help improve the relationships that are actually around you (not digitally).

Larger App Applications

There may be some larger applications to the app. Perhaps, users will be able to create much more than trees. What would you create while you phone was idol and you interact with people in person? Please let us know in the comments below.

Why Live In The Moment?

So, why is it so important to live in the moment? Besides fostering and improving your personal and business relationships, there are many more reasons that living in the moment will help improve your life. One of the most enticing reasons to stay present in the moment? It is an incredible tool for stress relief. When you are constantly looking ahead with worry, at your phone to watch your Gamecast NCAA app or behind with regret, you are only increasing your stress levels. And in today’s work addicted society, you certainly do not need to add any stress to your life. Not many people have the luxury of an hour long meditation session each day. So instead, it is so important to take advantage of any quick fix that helps you to stay in the moment in your day-to-day life. This app will do just that, and really help you to lower your stress levels. Try it for a week. You will definitely thank us later.

Other Tools To Live In The Moment

Many are under the impression that in order to live in the moment, you have to thoughtfully savor each moment. However, the practice of unselfconsciousness implies the opposite. As humans, we are constantly thinking. Oftentimes, these thoughts are negative, worrisome thoughts that lead to discomfort and unhappiness which take us out of the moment and into our heads. Instead, practice unselfconsciousness. While this may not be as simple to understand as an FXO guide, it is worth the effort. Focus less on your thoughts, and dedicate your mind power to looking around, noticing and taking in your surroundings. To live in the moment, focus on things outside of yourself.

Also, what do you think would be a cool name for the new app? We were thinking of Present App, Present In Person App, In Person App, etc. We would love to hear your ideas below.

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