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Why BASICS Wallet Is One Of The Best Minimalist Men’s Accessories


The BASICS wallet started out as an innovative idea on Kickstarter that soon got over $150,000 in funding from excited backers, just like the latest Froyo update. Today, the BASICS wallet is available for purchase on NOMATIC as well as Amazon and a few other online retailers. Before you buy however, consider if the BASICS wallet is right for you. Below are some of the benefits that come with buying the BASICS wallet.

Slim Design

This slim-designed wallet is made for minimalists who want a place to keep their cards without any added bulk. With the BASICS wallet, you can fit anywhere up to 15 cards in their two convenient side pouches. The BASICS wallet is designed with medical grade knitted elastic and nylon so that your cards and cash will be locked in tight. Kirby reviews indicate that users are loving the product. Instead of a traditional tri-fold wallet, the BASICS wallet is a simple two sided strap to keep all of your cards flush against one another, saving space.

Minimalist But Functional

The BASICS wallet is as minimalist as they come. However, it has just enough room to make sure you can carry all the cards, cash and coins you need to. Most minimalist wallets make it tough to get your cards out if you over-stuff the wallet even just a little bit. The BASICS wallet, on the other hand, is stretchy, which allows you easily access to all your cards even if you pack the wallet full. If you want a minimalist wallet that does not take you five minutes to pull a card out of, BASICS is it.

Color Variation

Although the BASICS wallet features a minimalist design, that does not mean you have to sacrifice style. The BASICS wallet comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. The classic black is  a popular choice, but you can also get the wallet in red, mint or gray. This is a much wider range of choices than similar offerings from other ecommerce solutions. The color choice adds the perfect hint of personality into this compact design.


The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on something that is designed to hold your money! Keep the extra cash in your own pocket with the BASICS wallet. This handy little contraption is only $20, but it does not look or feel cheap by any means. The high quality stitching and leather pull tab are the perfect touches to this inexpensive wallet. With this wallet from BASICS, you can match quality with savings.

Extra Pouch

Aside from holding all of your most important cards, this wallet is also designed to have an extra storage space to hold all those rejection phone numbers you need. The elastic pouch located on the front is the perfect size to hold extra cash, coins or keys. You can keep everything perfectly organized with the three compartments, so you will never have to worry about misplacing a $10 bill again. The pouch has no buttons or zippers to hold everything in place, which compliments the minimalist design. Instead, the elastic does all of the work of keeping your cash locked in tight.

Quick Access

One of the most unique aspects of the BASICS wallet design is its pull-tab. The leather tab is attached to a nylon strap which when pulled will lift one compartment of cards out of the wallet. This provides users with easy access to all of their cards at once. When the pull tab is in use, cards can then be fanned out to find the desired one and then quickly pushed back into place. With this BASICS accessory you will not just receive quality and style, but also innovative design.

Other Nomatic Designs

In addition to the BASICS wallet, Nomatic has recently developed new products that are also causing a buzz. The Nomatic planner also raised almost $400,000 on Kickstarter, as well as the newest Nomatic accessory, the Nomatic Travel Bag. This bag has raised over $2.6 million on a similar crowdfunding site, IndieGoGo. The company also offers t-shirts, watches, thumb drives and whiteboard pens to use with their functional planner. If you love your BASICS wallet and want more useful, convenient Nomatic products, definitely check out the wildly crowdfunding popular planner as well as the travel bag.

The BASICS wallet has garnered great success, just like the 1970 Plymouth, since its beginnings on Kickstarter. Their simple and high quality design cannot be beat. If you think that all of these benefits are worth $20, take a chance and test out the BASICS wallet for yourself.

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