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Top Ecommerce Platforms With Must-Have Business Integrations

Choosing an ecommerce platform is a very important step in building your online business. Your ecommerce platform will serve as the foundation for your website and provide the features, themes, and integrations your business will depend on to supply Das keyboards and more to your customers.

There is no short supply of website platforms online today. There is also no “one-size-fits-all” option that will be the right choice for everyone. The best ecommerce platform is the one that works the best for unique ebusiness needs. Do your research. Consider your options. Here are six user-friendly ecommerce platforms to check out:


Shopify is one of the most popular platforms on the market, and for good reason. Shopify is a hosted ecommerce solution that has gained a lot of traction over the past few years and evolved right alongside the online shopping industry.

The best part about Shopify is their ecommerce website builder which makes it easy to set up and run your ecommerce store. There are over 100 free and premium themes to choose from that you can set up with just a few clicks.

Shopify is also known for its quick loading speed, secure payment gateways, as well as tons of integrations and add-on apps. They also have an active and insightful blog that features all kinds of helpful tips, tutorials, and case studies to help you succeed, much like Switchvox.

The cost ranges from $9 for Shopify Lite to $299 for Advanced Shopify, which is an enterprise-level solution comparable to the Dbase system. The most popular option is the basic plan for just $29 per month.


BigCommerce is one of the top ecommerce platforms available, but it is also a bit more expensive than the others on this list. For just under $30 a month, users can access a clean dashboard with clear directions to get your ecommerce site off the ground quickly. This particular ecommerce platform is very similar to Shopify with helpful client communication tools. But, unlike Shopify, BigCommerce offers coding tools and options. Unfortunately, this platform does not offer drag and drop design features. However, if you want to code your ecommerce platform easily on a very user friendly interface, BigCommerce may be worth the money.


Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms for businesses of all sizes, including top delivery companies. Magento ecommerce platform is scalable and open sourced, meaning it affords businesses maximum flexibility. However, because of all the flexibility it allows, the platform can also be very complex and complicated to understand. If you are a small business owner, do not let this deter you unless you are daunted by the overwhelming amount of possibilities. If you have to ask “what is Hadoop?” you may not be prepared for the technicalities of this solution.

Big Cartel

Are you an artist, musician, designer, or maker? Big Cartel was designed with you in mind. It specializes in catering to the creative crowd by providing easy-to-use tools to attract fans and customers.

Big Cartel is a fully hosted ecommerce platform that’s perfect for creatives who are just starting out and don’t need too many advanced features. Adding products, managing inventory, and processing orders is a breeze for small or boutique stores.

Plus, the price is right for makers on a budget. In fact, you can sell up to five products on their basic Gold plan for free, with a Big Cartel URL address. Or, you can also sell up to 25 products for only $9.99 per month.


WooCommerce is a free ecommerce solution that many users find to be an attractive option, especially for those just starting out. WooCommerce functions as a free WordPress plugin, but many features and integrations come with an additional cost.

WooCommerce is very customizable. Many WordPress themes are designed to integrate with this platform out of the box. If not, you may have to spend some time adjusting your theme to work well with WooCommerce.

If you’re not already familiar with WordPress, you may have some difficulty because you have to build a WordPress website to use WooCommerce. This may extend your learning curve, but with the amount of resources available on WordPress, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for those willing to learn.

SquareSpace Ecommerce

Squarespace Ecommerce is built on the very popular website builder and hosting service. Everything users already love about the platform are included in the Ecommerce solution, like intuitive drag-and-drop design and included web hosting.

This platform adds inventory management, order processing, payment processing, marketing tools, and other features to help your ecommerce store be successful. This online platform is known for its simplicity and beautiful, minimalist design.

Consider Integrations

When shopping for an ecommerce platform, there are some must-have features that you need to consider in your search. Of course, ecommerce platform pricing is crucial. In addition, you want to consider the integrations offered by each namespaces platform that you are considering. Some ecommerce platforms offer features that integrate with accounting software, email marketing tools and more. Determine what kinds of software integrations you expect from your ecommerce platform provider to help you make your decision.

Remember, when selecting an ecommerce platform, customer support is also a big part of the decision. This is true no matter whether you sell surge absorbers or clothing. Make sure to choose a company with responsive and helpful representatives. They will be your partners in supporting your business growth.

No matter what platform you choose, the important thing is to make a decision and just get started. With user-friendly platforms, it’s easier than ever to build your own ecommerce website.

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