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5 Uses For Augmented Reality Apps In The Real World

Augmented Reality can be fun, but there are AR app features that are truly practical. From homeowners to construction workers, there is an AR app that applies to you. AR can bring things into perspective by literally projecting images onto your phone’s camera feature. This results in a 3D simulation of what something will look like in the real world. Below are some practical uses for AR apps.

Test Out Real Life Products

There are augmented reality apps that really show you what things look like in your field of view. When taking a break from your smart contacts, you might want to see if you would want a certain pair of glasses before you order them. You can test the way a couch will look in your home’s color scheme through an app. Whatever the case, there’s an AR app for that. AR technology has increased to give you a better look at products, without ever having to leave your home.

Know Where You’re Going All The Time

Many AR apps have shared the feature of being able to figure out location. This improved software technology has advanced to turn your phone into a real-time AR compass. If you are ever stuck in a situation where you need to know your directional orientation, AR apps have you covered. This technology is often used in addition to a map app, so you know that you are not wandering aimlessly in a new area. AR apps have shed a light on more advanced forms of geographical location.

Make Things More Lively

Many museums have utilized augmented reality platforms to make things more lively, literally. This offers an educational experience by making exhibits more interesting. You can place your phone in front of a prehistoric apatosaur and watch it come to life. There are even galleries in some museums now that encompass a whole room and encourage you to use AR technology to gain an immersive experience. In this way, AR apps make educational experiences more interactive and interesting.

Real-Life Practice Through AR

For certain activities that may include safety concerns, you can find comfort in practicing through AR apps. More than just a video game, some AR apps are designed to be used inside a car in order to gain the driving experience without having to put the key in the ignition. This can be used to supplement a student driver’s training. AR can give users a way to practice this kind of practical skill.

Increase Mental Health Wellness

AR apps can help increase certain aspects of mental health tech. For example, for those who experience intense fear, you can have instant exposure therapy tactics through AR by projecting images into the real world through the camera lens. Similarly for those who experience social anxiety, the patient can practice talking to someone face-to-face in AR. This may be helpful for patients who are bedridden or are need the extra push to work with everyday interaction.

Augmented reality apps have so many practical uses. This can stretch from business uses to personal, or educational. The increase of AR technology has welcomed so many new uses of this technology into the world. Perhaps this makes the world seem smaller. But for AR users, the world is only expanding from here.

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