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Free Sales Tools To Help B2B Sales Professionals Close More Deals

Closing B2B sales is nothing short of an art. For some it comes naturally, and others, it takes years of work and improvement. However, there is the a great common thread between all great sales people, the ability to articulate a story effectively.

value_storyWhen a salesperson tells a story, it should be relevant to the prospect’s business, simple to understand the value of the solutions and concrete in the return-on-investment.  For those who can get the story told smoothly, selling and closing comes easily because the value is obvious.

Usually, most sales people need to get appointments either on the phone or in-person to really get a personalized story told and a deal closed. But, not everyone can secure the time of key decision makers to communicate the story. That requires catching people at the right time and limiting each sales person’s reach. What if each sales person could reach 5 times, 10 times or 20 times more prospects?

Enter Alinean, they offer the technology platform, ValueStory, to make story telling easier and more efficient using a PHP web application. Using their proprietary platform, it is easy to create visually attractive sales guides, story telling, surveys, ROI calculations, insights, whiteboards and more. Salespeople can quickly create custom stories for their prospects and let the prospect review it at their convenience.

Prospects Much More Likely To Engage

Since the materials are unique and more interactive than a simple white paper or brochure, prospects are much more likely to engage and understand the value to their company. The salespeople also save time because they can reach more prospects without having to spend direct time on the phone or in person. This way, almost any person in B2B markets can shorten the sales cycle and close more deals.

Sales Tools For Getting Started

If you are just starting your career in sales, there are some top sales tools that you should certainly start familiarizing yourself with now. ConsumerBarometer, for one, is an excellent customer analysis software to give you an idea of who you are selling to. This software is frequently used to track how online shoppers and browsers interact with a webpage, similar to top infographic tools. This information can be incredibly useful for someone trying to close. Knowing what the customer wants makes it super easy to deliver it to them. So if you are only just beginning to figure out the world of sales, learn how to used sales tools like ConsumerBarometer so that you can do your job to the best of your ability.


When you are just getting started out, you are much more likely to be using basic tools for business purposes, like Gmail. That is why Rapportive is the perfect sales tool for professionals just starting out in sales. This free Gmail add-on offers a useful CRM, or customer relations management, tool that is simple to operate. With Rapportive, you can see a person’s contact information, including job title, picture and even social media profiles, right in the message window. This is great to use when you need to communicate with sales leads, and is a great CRM tool to get you used to using customer retention best practices.

Have you worked with ValueStory or similar sales tools offered through the recent Windows 10 updates? What helps you get your value message told easily? Please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear some of your thoughts.

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